Moroccan interior design: best trends, colors and tips in Moroccan style

In order to create surprisingly warm, calm and sultry atmosphere of exoticism at home, pay attention to  Moroccan interior design. So this style has unique, original and very bright view! Moroccan style is not only exotic but also hospitable. Also, this is a very lush and sensual style.

Moroccan interior design, best trends, colors and tips in Moroccan style

Moroccan interior design is full of deeply saturated colors, a sense of the earth and spices, patterns, fabrics and many characteristic accessories. Thus look of Moroccan design creates in our imagination desert, Arabic nights and real flavor of exoticism.

Moroccan style resembles rustic look, so first, you have to create texture of your walls. So Moroccan walls have rather rough texture, so in order to get natural look, use your own texture.

Moroccan interior design, colors in Moroccan interior design

If you don’t want to replaster your walls, try a paint with effect of suede, effect of artificial staining, or even a mixture of a small amount of building sand with paint to get a really textured look.

All this will help reduce smoothness of your modern walls and get an ethnic and Moroccan style.

Moroccan interior design, wall design in Moroccan interior

Ideal colors in sultry Moroccan style are deep, rich colors. You can choose blue color: this is a very popular choice of colors for blinds, windows, and doors, as in Morocco blue color is able to drive away evil spirits.

Moroccan interior design, blue color in Moroccan interior design

If you chose blue, mix it with turquoise and aquamarine colors, with shades of white. Yellow, gold, silver, and green also perfectly match with turquoise color.

Moroccan interior design: trendy colors

Another way to use color to achieve Moroccan interior design: is to choose warm colors: spicy palette of colors. To do this, choose red, pink, orange and yellow for base.

Moroccan interior design, red color, yellow color in Moroccan interior design

So choose spice colors, such as cinnamon, pepper, saffron, curry and fiery sienna. This is a simple way to get an exotic spicy taste. A splash or accent of cobalt blue will give interior Moroccan feel. Again, accents of gold and silver will create luxurious image in our imagination.

If you want to choose something calmer from color for your house don’t worry, because it doesn’t really matter to use crazy colors to get natural Moroccan interior.

Choose warm, soft and neutral colors, such as cream, dark gray and sandy. Use accents from bright colors on focusing wall or in accessories and fabrics.

Tile is a very important aspect of Moroccan interior design. A beautiful handmade tile is typical of Moroccan design.

Moroccan interior design, tiles design in Moroccan interior design

Use tiles in everything on the floor (often just plain, terracotta tiles), walls and countertops. Quite often, mosaic is used to decorate furniture, especially on countertops.

Moroccan interior design:  trendy ideas

If you are not able to get real Moroccan tile, then you can easily achieve its true look! Create Moroccan interior design with your own hands, combining different colors and sizes. Try for better view to choose a combination of cool colors: blue, green and turquoise!

Fabrics and textiles

Again, fabrics and textiles are a very important part of Moroccan interior. You will have to use a variety of fabrics, start with luxurious Persian carpets and rugs. Also, use bedspreads, tapestries and a lot of pillows in the same deep, rich colors with luxurious patterns.

Moroccan interior design, curtains in Moroccan interior design

For windows, choose light fabrics, and consider draperies from ceiling in style of Bedouin canopies. All this looks very rich and sensual!

Moroccan interior design, carpets in Moroccan interior design


From furniture don’t choose anything that goes beyond imagination. So furniture should be simple and best of all made of dark wood. Jewelry from carved wood and wrought iron will look beautiful and create Moroccan feel.

Moroccan interior design, wrought iron in Moroccan interior design

Try using wrought iron screens as partitions for rooms, which is very typical for Moroccan interior design.


Using accessories, you can show elements of Moroccan design and achieve its perfect look.

Again, wrought iron ornaments, artfully decorated walls, wall sconces, and lighting are ideal accessories for Moroccan style.

Moroccan interior design, hanging lamps in Moroccan interior design

Moroccan interior design:  design ideas

Look at typical for Moroccan interior design ceramics, glazed in beautiful colors and intriguing, geometric patterns.

In Moroccan interiors, you can see a mixture of African, Mediterranean and Arab motifs, thanks to which a very balanced and strikingly beautiful design is created.

Also, white color is quite common in Moroccan interiors and is an excellent background, both for colorful accessories and for silver or gold decor.

Architectural features

Thus, a very bright and recognizable feature of Moroccan style are doorways and curved arches in form of keyhole.

Artfully made carved wooden furniture in form of chests of drawers, coffee tables, chairs with intricate patterns perfectly complement soft sofas, ottomans, and pillows. Most often, sofas and tables have a low landing.

Moroccan interior design, stylish arches design in Moroccan interior

Moroccan furniture is famous for its refinement and attention to every detail. It can be decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay, wrought iron, complex mosaics, upholstery of rich shades.

Metal lamps made of copper or brass are an indispensable attribute of Moroccan style. In combination with lighted candles, they create an incredibly romantic and mysterious atmosphere in house. Such fixtures can hang on ceiling (at different heights) or simply stand alone as an ornament.


Moroccan interior design:  trendy styles

Moroccan interior design usually uses natural materials, such as wool, glass, silk, leather, clay, metal. Here you can’t do without luxurious fabrics of rich colors with complex textures.

Pillows of handmade of cotton or silk, Moroccan wool carpets with geometric patterns and wedding blankets, leather poufs, ethnic prints: all these are important elements of decor in Moroccan style. However, metal products also play significant role,  it can be beautiful mirrors, trays, teapots, vases, lamps and much more.

Moroccan interior design, materials in Moroccan interior design

Thus, if you are keen on oriental motives, want something original, dream of creating in your home cozy and unique atmosphere, choose Moroccan style or add to your interior the eastern details.

Moroccan interior design, tips and tricks for Moroccan interior design

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