Modern interior design 2019: best colors and styles for interior design

Fashion is changeable, and design sphere isn’t exception, therefore every year fashion prepares for us a lot of surprises. Modern interior design 2019 has the widest range of possible options, and we will try to understand these trends in order to find something that will please both you and your loved ones.

modern interior design 2019, best colors and styles in interior design 2019

Modern interior design 2019: stylish ideas and colors

In modern interior design 2019, we will have to get rid of all details of interior, which don’t carry any functional load. Use furniture and things to decorate rooms, which give nostalgia for vintage style. Don’t confuse vintage direction with retro 50’s, which was popular a couple of years ago.

modern interior design 2019, vintage interior design 2019

At peak of popularity of interior design trends 2019 will be turquoise color and one of its shades: turquoise-mint. From point of view of psychology, it facilitates suffering, promotes pacification. Also, curtains in bedroom or living room, upholstery of soft sofa or small rug with geometric patterns will give any room home coziness.

modern interior design 2019, honeysuckle color, turquoise color


Another novelty of the season will be an unusual color called honeysuckle. It is on verge of classic blue and its darker options. Magnificently and richly looks furniture with velvet upholstery honeysuckle color. Two more color trends, which never left pedestal: marsala and mustard. Moreover, stylish kitchen, walls of which are decorated in mustard tones with notes of bright splashes, will stimulate appetite and lure your home with its setting for long evening tea parties. Bathroom in bright colors of marsala with addition of neutral tones will be original design decision. Gold and shades of bright yellow also return to fashion.

modern interior design 2019, Marsala color, yellow color in interior design 2019

Modern interior design 2019: trendy materials and furniture

In modern interior design 2019, emphasis should be on luxury, and luxury doesn’t allow imitation or fakes. Accordingly, you should choose only expensive and high-quality materials: natural wood, metal, marble, granite, agate, leather, linen, cotton, silk for finishing. Thus, fashion fabrics will return to fashion, which at one time gave way to universal and more convenient washable items.

modern interior design 2019, furniture trends in modern interior design 2019

Modern trend dictates basic law: simplicity of forms should be compensated by luxury of furnish. Even the most expensive materials in excess will create effect of posturing. However, furniture reflects commitment to simple geometry: only clear lines. Sofas and beds are chosen by classical forms without use of excessive creativity.

modern interior design 2019, stylish ideas for modern interior design 2019

In large studios, you can play with space, zoning it with racks or monophonic, strict screens. In-country cottages, redevelop and replace traditional windows, to the French floor. Luminous devices in large quantities will also be relevant. For small one-bedroom apartments it is more a necessity than a trend of fashion. Abundance of glass and metal surfaces that will reflect light in themselves is ideal. Effectively look mirrors, glazed racks, collages on walls or glossy stretch ceiling.

Modern interior design 2019: trendy styles

Let’s highlight two most popular styles of modern interior design 2019. Hi-tech refers to relatively young styles and developed in parallel with surge of technological revolution. Also, hi-tech loves abundance of metal, glass, and plastic. One of the important nuances will be rejection of plastic classics of direction in favor of the other two materials. Hi-tech doesn’t tolerate brightness and lustiness. It is simple in detail and gives preference to modern household appliances.

modern interior design 2019, hi tech style in modern interior design 2019

Minimalism is a style that was born in Japan and came to us only at the end of the last century. His credo is only functionality. Give preference to pastel tones. Thus, game is possible on contrast of black and white, famous yin and yang, which can’t exist without each other.

modern interior design 2019, minimalism style in modern interior design 2019

Scandinavian style fully reflects the Nordic character. For decoration of room, use only cold shades of gray, white, and blue. You can allow small liberties in form of animal skins on floor, wooden panels or abstract collages on walls. They emphasize the natural savagery of atmosphere.

Thus, this style is ideal for decorating bachelor apartments for single men.

modern interior design 2019, Scandinavian style in modern interior design 2019

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