Modern country decor: top trends and ideas for country decorating ideas

In age of urbanization, natural and eco-friendly simple interior elements become extremely popular. These features characterize decor in country style, which has become one of the newfangled trends in the past half-century. In this style, ultimate simplicity of forms designers combine with natural materials of soft pastel tones. Let’s get introduced to modern country decor trends in detail.

modern country decor, trends and ideas of country interior design

Modern country decor: basics of style

For decoration of premises not only modern country decor we use, but also country-style textiles, specific furniture, and accessories. Therefore, country style in different regions has its own characteristics.

modern country decor, stylish decor ideas in country style

In order to choose decor in country style, it is important to know its basic principles. Initially, this trend appeared in the early 20th century. So there were several subspecies: Russian, Italian (Tuscan), French (Provence), Mediterranean, American, and Alpine. Each of them is characterized by use of specific materials and textures. Therefore, initially, you should determine the closest direction for you to choose the right textiles, furniture, lamps, and paintings in country style.

modern country decor, French country style, Italian country style

This is almost a universal style solution, which is perfect for many rooms in the house. So living room, decorated in this direction, will become a cozy refuge for family tea-parties and conversations. Perhaps, this interior is least appropriate in kid’s rooms and large halls.

modern country decor, trendy colors of country interior design

Implementing decor in country style is easiest in a country house, where it will look harmonious and natural.

However, city apartment will significantly change if you correctly use in design solution such accessories as patchwork, non-varnished and unpainted pieces of furniture, utensils, and pitchers in country style.

Modern country decor: trendy ideas

Let’s see what modern country decor ideas are in trend. Main decoration of your room can be textiles in style of country. Handmade products are in trend.

An important part of textile design is decoration of windows. The main elements are curtains and drapes. For their tailoring choose natural fabrics, corresponding to the color scheme of overall design of room. Most often designers use linen and cotton curtains.

modern country decor, fashionable curtains in country style

Decorate room with bright cheerful colors: large peas, cage, and flowers, which you can supplement with ruffles, ribbons, and frills.

Curtains will look more impressive if you tie them up with coarse ropes.

So successfully selected mirror in style of country can emphasize color of fabric elements and become a link between furniture and wall decoration. The best mirrors look in wooden bulky frames of natural shades, combined with color of furniture. And if you put mirror in front of the window aperture room will immediately become lighter and visually increase in size.

modern country decor, stylish mirrors in country style

Modern country decor:  design of different rooms

If you decide to decorate dining room with modern country decor, look for a large fabric shade, matching color of room’s textiles.  It not only fills room with light but also adds coziness. For table, fancy knitted or embroidered napkins will perfectly suit, elements of ceramic dishes and pitchers in country style complement decor. Do not forget about live flowers, pots for which you can decorate in technique of macrame or pots.

modern country decor, stylish decor ideas in country style

Great lamps on wooden legs, statues, and figures of bronze, wood, and ceramics, as well as country-style paintings, are great in living room design.

modern country decor, lamps in country style, painting in country design trends

The most natural decorative element in country style is rightly considered living fire.

Kitchens are decorated with a huge amount of ceramics, which is not only placed on the shelves but also hung on the walls. Of the accessories often use figures of a rooster or other birds, wicker items: baskets, candy bars, vases and napkin stands, as well as embroidered towels, napkins and tablecloths. Decorate bedroom with patchwork covers and plaids. A beautiful mirror will be country-style mirror, a picture hung on head of the bed. In this room, flowers will also be appropriate.

modern country decor, kitchen in country style, bedroom in country style

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