Mid century modern decor: top trends, tips for mid century interior design


Style of mid century modern appeared in America in the mid-1940s: the war was over, and people wanted comfortable furniture, democratic and life-affirming interiors. Name of style was invented by American journalist Kara Greenberg. Today, modern mid century is again in vogue. What is peculiarity of mid century modern decor and how to decorate interior in this style on your own?

mid century modern decor, best trends and design ideas for mid century style

Mid century modern decor: rules of interior decoration

  1. The layout should be open in mid century modern decor

Open space is basis for planning housing of this period. Windows are welcome on the floor and minimum partitions. For zoning use through shelving, tracery or sliding partitions.

mid century modern decor, stylish zoning ideas in mid century style

  1. In finishing, bet on natural and democratic materials

In interiors of mid century modern, we can see a lot of dark brown wood: ceiling, walls, and floor are often finished by them.

You can create effect of stylized decorative panels in spirit of the fifties by pasting several walls with wallpaper, imitating wooden surfaces.

mid century modern decor, brown wood in mid century modern decor

However, along with use of natural finishing materials in era of the middle of the century are actively created and artificial. Also mid century modern is primarily about democracy, so use cork, lacquer, plywood, laminate.

mid century modern decor, trendy materials in mid century modern decor

But the Venetian plaster, brick walls, bare loft ceilings with an open lighting system and any classics are taboo.

Mid century modern decor: stylish tips

  1. Furniture should be of simple shape and high quality

Distinctive features of furniture 50-70-х: smooth lines, refusal of sharp corners and streamlined forms.

mid century modern decor, stylish chairs, marshmallow sofa in mid century modern decor

What other furniture will fit into mid century modern decor?

In addition to typical for the era of mid century modern furniture items on thin, arranged in different directions legs, furniture made of plastic and plywood are in trend. So these are affordable and at the same time very malleable materials, what we need to create recognizable bends of chairs, tables, chairs.

mid century modern decor, stylish accessories of mid century modern decor

  1. Muted color palette + geometric patterns

Main color scale of mid century modern is combination of warm ocher tones, mustard, bottle, plum. Wallpapers Gentle Elegance olive or sea-buckthorn color is perfect for this style.

mid century modern decor, muted colors in mid century modern decor

And as accents in interior, you can include geometric patterns of juicy, but not too active tones. Thus, Orla Kiely, Marimekko or Scion: these brands are big fans of design of the 50-60’s.

So patterns of that time are a little ironic: influence of pop art in the late fifties.

Mid century modern decor: trendy ideas

  1. There should be a lot of light

Philosophy of mid century modern decor contains aesthetics of aerodynamics. That’s why many models of luminaries resemble cosmos and brilliant flying saucers. However, popular and lighting devices are simple, concise forms in brass or chrome.

mid century modern decor, lighting in mid century modern decor

In any case, designers who worked with light in the modern era mid century, converged in one: lighting should be diverse and multifunctional. So there is lateral and local lighting, floor lamps, table lamps. Bright examples of this direction are ceiling lamp Artichoke by Paul Henningsen and Arco floor lamp from Aquila and Pierre-Giacomo Castiglioni.

mid century modern decor, design ideas in mid century modern design trends

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