Mid century interior: top trends and tendencies for mid century design


Style, learning to appreciate purity of forms, simplicity of design and gave the second life of grandmother’s furniture. Its name is mid century interior, and why it is becoming more popular and how to apply it in interior, we should tell in our article.

mid century interior, top trends and tendencies for mid century design

Despite the fact that mid century interior isn՛t so widespread, as, for example, Scandinavian, it is gradually becoming more popular.

As a direction in architecture and design, style of mid century modern emerged after the Second World War. Its roots lie in various directions of modern style:  De Steyl movement, the Bauhaus, Constructivism, American, and others. It’s logical continuation with characteristic for modern style of predominance of functionality, use of simple strict forms, rejection of decorativeness, open volumes, large-scale glazing, creation of comfortable and beautiful items of new materials, as well as use of glass and metal.

mid century interior, characteristics of mid century interior


Style of mid-century combines several directions at once:

  • late internationalist style that arose in the US after immigration of pioneers of modernism (Gropius, Van der Rohe and others)
  • late style streamlined forms embody aesthetics of aerodynamics
  • organic design, based on concept of organic architecture using sculptural forms and soft lines, natural materials and plastic
  • bioformism with its natural, flowing into each other forms
  • Danish and Finnish modern style.

mid century interior, directions in mid century interior design

Further mid-century gradually turns into pop art, contemporary and other styles.

Mid century interior: stylish ideas

Like any other style, mid century interior has its own philosophy. First, it is its humanistic orientation, creating comfortable interiors for the average family with use of new production technologies and the most accessible items.

Secondly, proximity to nature is very important: large open spaces, wide windows, use of natural materials (various types of wood, bent plywood, etc.).

mid century interior, colors in mid century interior design

Natural colors are in mid century interior trend: beige, brown and gray shades.

At the same time, bright colors and large abstract motifs appear in wallpaper, fabrics, and upholstery of furniture, which are combined with each other.

Items of furniture and decor in style of mid century become famous by their lightness and extraordinary expressiveness. Structurally they resemble modern style, but at the same time combine natural lines and materials. Open spaces are emphasized by furniture on legs, wooden and metal elements, bright accents.

mid century interior, lamps in mid century interior design

An important place in interiors of mid century style has lamps that become real art objects. Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and table lamps perfectly place accents in light, not overloaded with details of spaces.

Mid century interior: stylish tips

Today, popularity of mid century interior is growing: clear return to traditions and forms of mid-twentieth century is clearly discernible. Very actual use of vintage original item: lamps, armchairs, chairs as accents in interior. Lightness, originality, and expressiveness of this style are becoming more and more in demand in modern dynamic life.

mid century interior, armchairs and chairs in mid century interior

Let in the interior as much as possible of sunlight, for this purpose Roman curtains and light fabrics for registration of windows will approach.

mid century interior, curtains in mid century interior design

Light walls will create mood of lightness, which can be further emphasized by bright and contrasting upholstery fabrics with graphic print and accent wallpaper.

mid century interior, furniture in mid century interior design

Furniture in style of mid century should be geometric, mainly on legs, and facades, simple form and made of different varieties of light wood. The unmistakable course is use of furniture of classics of this style. As accents, bright chairs of clean colors, such as red, yellow, blue and so on, will do.

mid century interior, decor ideas in mid century interior design

Pay attention to fixtures, these can be spherical models or lamps, similar to flying saucer. To create original interior look for real vintage items, such as decor, lamps, tables.

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