Latest sofa designs 2019: top styles, trends and colors of sofa 2019

Ability to understand modern styles, future trend directions allow you to form a demand for yourself with a broad outlook. Therefore, in today’s article, we offer information about latest sofa designs 2019 that can be used in practice, as well as to expand knowledge about trend directions of furniture industry.

latest sofa designs 2019, top styles, trends and colors of sofa 2019

Latest sofa designs 2019: trendy ideas

What models and forms of latest sofa designs 2019 will be relevant?

Actual samples are with simple, smooth shapes, more like a soft island than a classic sofa. They are voluminous, airy, often equipped with a wide seat, low back. There are no elements of wood, like supports on armrests, back. This form is favorably different from usual models with strict lines because it is more comfortable, relaxing. It does not fetter movements, doesn’t cause tension, minimizes traumatic danger. This design is opposite of progressive, dynamic external world, balancing it with its peace, comfort, simplicity.

latest sofa designs 2019, trendy models of sofa 2019

This season will be fashionable:

  • corner sofas
  • island soft zones
  • modular systems.

Angular soft furniture for several years is in trend positions.So, among these models, you can choose and classic L-shaped forms, with softening transitions, and improved U-shaped versions, with add-on elements such as couches, not restricting space of armrests.

latest sofa designs 2019, fashionable angular sofa 2019

Island soft zones became popular because previously had a serious demand limitation due to high cost, and need for large space for installation. But island models are suitable for small apartments.

latest sofa designs 2019, fashionable island sofas 2019

Thus, modular systems transform from a semicircle, convenient for discussion, into a broad springboard for sleep.

latest sofa designs 2019, trendy modular sofas 2019

Latest sofa designs 2019: trendy colors materials

Basic tones for latest sofa designs 2019 are as follows:

  • warm beige shade of sand
  • color of coconut milk
  • sea blue
  • gray winter mist color.

They perfectly complement soft forms of furniture, giving it an elegant appearance. Also, there is a spring-summer palette, for fans of brighter shades. It contains rich yellow, green, pink, red colors that can create a unique room design with fashionable accents.

latest sofa designs 2019, trendy colors for sofa 2019 trends

For upholstery practical fabrics of fashionable shades will be trendy. Velvet, tapestry, gradually leave market, giving way to simple care, and no less beautiful flock, microfiber, etc.

Thus, the filling of stylish sofas implies softness, ecological compatibility, and, importantly, orthopedic support of back.

latest sofa designs 2019, trendy materials for sofa 2019 trends

Features and smoothness of the forms of popular models assume a wooden base, which can be made of hardwood varieties or reinforced by them. Also, metal frames in actual forms are practically absent.

latest sofa designs 2019, stylish trends for latest sofa designs 2019

Latest sofa designs 2019: trendy styles

Interior designers anticipate boom in popularity of such areas of latest sofa designs 2019 as:

  • Scandinavian minimalism
  • eco-style
  • neoclassic
  • high tech.

latest sofa designs 2019, neoclassical style sofa, high tech style sofa

Accordingly, novelties of sofas 2019 will be fulfilled in listed styles. So this will be reflected in form of backs and armrests, in the choice of colors and decorative elements. But still, emphasis is on comfort and functionality of furniture.

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