Kitchen renovation ideas: trendy styles and tips for kitchen design

It is very important that kitchen interior is practical, ergonomic and cozy. Next, consider a few interesting kitchen renovation ideas, as well as some nuances of process.

kitchen renovation ideas, trendy styles and tips for kitchen design

Kitchen renovation ideas: modish styles and designs

The most popular stylistic solutions for kitchen renovation ideas are:

  • minimalism – a lot of free space, a minimum of decorative elements, laconic and functional furniture
  • modern – smooth geometric forms, bold color combinations, functionality of each subject
  • hi-tech – clear lines, monochrome colors, minimal decor
  • Loft – an industrial style in which there are no general rules for arranging furniture, and communications are an element of design.

kitchen renovation ideas, minimalism style, modern style

kitchen renovation ideas, hi-tech style, loft style in kitchen renovation ideas

Other styles or combinations thereof can also be used, making repairs in kitchen.

Wall covering directly affects overall interior of room. Thus realizing idea of repairing kitchen, you can choose the following materials for walls:

  • Wallpaper – one of the most popular materials, optimum use of vinyl wallpaper with a varnish coating
  • Water-based paint – you should choose washable types of paints. This solution is suitable for perfectly smooth walls, otherwise, all defects and irregularities will be visible
  • Flexible stone is an environmentally friendly material, therefore it is very popular
  • Photo wall – apply them on one of walls of room. With the right selection, they can visually expand interior and become its highlight.
  • Decorative stone – easy to care for and at an inexpensive price

kitchen renovation ideas, wall design ideas in kitchen design trends

kitchen renovation ideas, wall design tips in kitchen design trends

Kitchen renovation ideas: ideas for kitchen repair using photo wallpapers

Photo wallpapers in kitchen renovation ideas can act as main decorative element. However, here there are several rules that will ensure harmonious combination of all details of kitchen interior:

  • The color scheme of wallpaper, or other coatings, must match the wallpaper
  • Observance of a single style
  • To achieve immersion effect, it is important that walls and floor completely repeat the photo motif
  • You should choose vinyl wallpaper with a varnish coating. They are easy to care for and can withstand wet cleaning in room.

  • Below are the most successful ideas for kitchen repair, using photo wallpapers.

kitchen renovation ideas, photo wallpaper design in kitchen design trends

Kitchen renovation ideas: trendy tips

Here are some recommendations on the choice of decorative material for decoration of walls in kitchen renovation ideas.

Thus for creating original and comfortable interior specialists distinguish several basic rules:

  • Acquire materials only from proven manufacturers. This will guarantee their continued service
  • Solid wallpaper, or other types of coating, harmoniously fit into any repair. Kitchen, design of which is executed with use of monochrome wallpaper looks calm
  • Typically, kitchen set is selected for general interior, but you can do vice versa. In this case, basis of color design will be table top
  • Too dark and contrasting color don’t use in small area. However such ideas for kitchen repair visually narrow space and make it gloomy

kitchen renovation ideas, stylish 3D style in kitchen interior design

  • Inserts from wallpaper, 3D images use as an accent, not around perimeter of room
  • Feeling of a measure is the main principle of successful kitchen repair. Also, design, oversaturated with bright details, quickly get bored and will oppress hosts
  • Combinations of several types of wallpaper look great in the case when they have same density and structure. Thus this will make joints as inconspicuous as possible.

kitchen renovation ideas, wall materials in kitchen design trends

kitchen renovation ideas, trendy kitchen design trends

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