Interior paint colors 2019: 15 FASHIONABLE shades of PAINT COLOR for 2019

Wondrous colors in interior are announced by dozens of interier designers. It’s interesting that in their forecasts they rarely coincide. Let’s find out interior paint colors 2019 trends.

interior paint colors 2019, 15 fashionable shades for interior design ideas 2019

Interior paint colors 2019: voguish tinges


Green is announced one of trendy interior paint colors 2019. Dark green shade is also trendy. Blue turned out to be the second modish color.interior paint colors 2019, blue in interior paint colors 2019, green in interior paint colors 2019


According to most designers, blue is another fashionable walls’ color. From sea tints to color of ripe blueberries are fashionable.

The most fashionable combination of colors is gray-pink, green-bronze, color of wood with achromatic flowers and, of course, green-blue.

interior paint colors 2019, green+blue combination, pink+gray combination

Bordeaux and terracotta

Saturated dense colors: not only blue and green but also burgundy, terracotta, red will be trendy. They come to interior from fashion world.

interior paint colors 2019, bordeaux in interior paint colors 2019, terracotta in interior paint colors 2019

Pink and peach

Different shades of pink will be in vogue. This color can create harmony in any space, work in tandem with absolutely any material.

Interior paint colors 2019: trendy tints

Yellow and black

Designers also draw attention to yellow color. Yellow will look especially stylish, leaving in mustard and golden lime. They call fashionable sand color and complex pastel-yellow shades.

interior paint colors 2019, peach color in interior paint colors 2019, yellow in interior paint colors 2019


This color is gaining popularity on wave of interest to the 1950s and 1960s. And not only it, but also white, black, gray and complex green in combinations with warm shades of wood. Brass especially in luminaires will also remain in trend.

interior paint colors 2019, turquoise in interior paint colors 2019, black in interior paint colors 2019


Designers draw attention to deep shades of purple and color of eggplant, they again become relevant.

interior paint colors 2019, purple in interior paint colors 2019, white in interior paint colors 2019

White and complex gray

Gray, gray-beige and white colors won’t come out of fashion.

Interior paint colors 2019: modish hues


Brown scale is again in fashion. Interiors will become more autumnal, brown furniture will be used more often. Cold light shades will go to background.

Trend will be natural coloring, foremost green and brown shades.

interior paint colors 2019, red in interior paint colors 2019, brown in interior paint colors 2019


Red color, especially its bright and saturated shades are voguish. In interiors, there is increasing number of vivid furniture from orange-brown to red colors.

interior paint colors 2019, metallic colors in interior paint colors 2019


Combination of different metallic colors will remain pertinent. The most compulsory metal in interior is brass.

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