Interior design trends 2019: 6 best color combinations for your design


This season prepared us for a return to bright colors, new zoning ideas, unusual storage systems and upholstered furniture, which is easy to “drown”. Want to know about interior design trends 2019? Read our article and simply follow our tips. Go to the best part?

interior design trends 2019, stylish colors and trends for interior design 2019

Interior design trends 2019 made its emphasis on juicy bright palettes in the design of furniture, lamps, accessories. Return to the intensive range of pastels is one of the obvious trends of the season.

So, the top 6 of the most fashionable colors combinations in the home decor 2019:

Yellow: a blast of positive

And not just yellow, but juicy, as in the cartoon about the minions. It is not necessary to paint the walls, it is enough to place in the living room 2019 a colorful sofa, a neat coffee table, a bright poster in the recreation area. This situation is charged with a positive: you will look and certainly smile. That’s not all, in the case will go and the other shades: lemon, mustard.

interior design trends 2019, yellow color in interior designs 2019

Closer to nature: a saturated green

Saturated green is considered a favorite for several seasons. Dark greenery is still relevant, but there is a clear tendency to a more natural scale: in the fashion are colors of sage, celery, avocado. They are well combined with berry-purple, matte-blue, yellow, cherry and white. According to the idea of designers, this palette symbolizes health and is great for living rooms in the spirit of soft minimalism.

interior design trends 2019, green shades in interior design 2019

Slightly dramatic: black

One of the interior design trends 2019 is stylish and sexy black. In the role of neutral, it is able to supplement any palette and theme. Want to add a little drama to your space? Paint in black floors or hang a black chandelier.

interior design trends 2019, black color in interior design 2019

The serenity of blue: blue-gray-green

The blue shades are again on the crest of the wave, especially one: a mixture of blue, gray and green. Cool, calm color in the interior, inspired by nature, is universal and ideal for interior and exterior decoration in modern and classic styles.

How can you actually use this color? In the kitchen designs 2019, paint this shade of the wall, which will create a calming background for snow-white furniture facades made of natural wood and a glossy dining table. The varnished wood of the natural brown palette will nicely emphasize the situation.

interior design trends 2019, blue-gray-green in interior design 2019

In the dining room 2019, the gray-blue walls will nicely contrast with the white skirting boards and the ceiling. From the outside of the house, a gray-blue-green lining is combined with bright white platbands on the windows and a brown terrace board will look stylish.

Blue-orange combination

Thus, blue plus orange is a popular solution for living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices 2019. The best place for a bright accent is upholstered furniture: a sofa, armchairs, puffs. Ultramarine or cobalt can be chosen for a wall or a modular painting.

interior design trends 2019, blue-orange combination in interior design 2019

Pink is gaining strength

From frivolous romance, it is displaced to more complex shades. Pink is now in interior design trends 2019 and is actively used in the design of living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

interior design trends 2019, pink color in interior design 2019

Dark pink and purple walls in the bedroom 2019 are a convenient background for white photo frames and a copper mirror.

A large room without borders is a great way to show creativity when dividing a room. Designers don’t get tired of fantasizing in this direction, and here are the most popular interior design trends 2019.

Concrete blocks are in trend. Brutally? Yes. And it’s still very fashionable and unusual. Due to the through holes, such a wall does not look like a boring monolith, but a translucent structure. Gray leather sofas and metal tables will support a neutral gamut. For comfort in the living room, you need to add live greens and two or three bright textile accents.

interior design trends 2019, concrete blocks for room partition

Handmade pottery is in fashion. Thanks to the dry processing of ceramic powders by innovative technology, a solid substance with a palette of beautiful, natural saturated colors are obtained at the output.

Wood is a luxurious material in terms of the variety of textures, shapes, and tonalities. A lattice is always a stylish way to distinguish a living space.

interior design trends 2019, wood in interior design 2019

Interior design 2019 offers an idea inspired by the traditional Japanese environment. Covered by a thick cloth plate on the legs is a minimal and elegant way to create an intimate area in the living room or bedroom. Due to the coloring, it is possible to organically incorporate these elements into the overall gamut.

A replete gamma of monophonic yellow, blue, green colors prevails in interior design trends 2019. As for the form, the sofas and armchairs in this season offer the person the most comfortable position. What could be better than plunging into the deep back and drowning in the spring seat? Take a stock that bulging, plump volumes are the trends of the season.

interior design trends 2019, stylish sofas and armchairs in interior design 2019

Low backrests, smoothly turning into the seat, look like a single solid pillow on a neat base. The armrests are also sloping. Such a model is a godsend for any fashionable living room design.

Pillows with goose feathers are elastic and soft at the same time. In this chair, you can sit, as if in a deck-chair.

interior design trends 2019, pillows in interior design 2019

interior design trends 2019, open shelves in interior design 2019

Hope our article helped to choose the style and colors for interior design 2019.

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