Interior design 2019: 9 top trends and ideas for stylish interior design

Anyone who plans to renovate or repair interior in this season, just need to familiarize yourself with new fashion trends in interior design of 2019. So, let’s get started. As we’ll talk about obvious trends in interior design 2019.

interior design 2019, 9 stylish trends and ideas in interior design trends 2019

Trendy color

Color is basis, and to be in trend, designers recommend making it neutral and pastel. Favorite shade of interior design 2019 is gray, it is incredibly multifaceted: from snow-white to silver to river mother-of-pearl, from steel and coal to dark-graphite. Designers note that cold gray shades always expand room, and therefore it is ideal basis for arranging any premises.

interior design 2019, grey color in interior design trends 2019


Naturalness and environmental friendliness, and therefore all shades of green are also in trend now. It will calm and help to extinguish negative. And it’s not just about paint and textiles. A very effective decor will be paintings of moss, which, by the way, can be done by yourself. Thereby, vertical landscaping can be original and marvelous in interior design trends 2019.

interior design 2019, green and greenery in interior design trends 2019


In fashion will be surface with pronounced texture on walls in form of three-dimensional drawings or bulk plaster. Especially such a decor will be incredibly interesting if it is correctly applied. But you can’t do without a global alteration. Take into account that art objects with a textured pattern, carpets, bedspreads, and pillows will also come to help.

interior design 2019, invoices in interior design trends 2019

Interior design 2019: fashionable ideas


Actual marble is in interior design 2019, especially in snow-white palette. And it is suitable for any purpose, also in such a finish it will always be luxurious.

interior design 2019, marble in interior design trends 2019

Correct furniture

The basic rule: when choosing furniture, remember that it should be in pastel, non-irritating scales, then decorating it you will get successful and harmonious space.

interior design 2019, fashionable furniture in pastel colors


Geometry in any form, from drawings on the wall, complex shapes of tiles, to lighting fixtures and simply furniture modules are in interior design trends 2019.

interior design 2019, geometry in interior design trends 2019


Thus, the simplest forms, natural materials, and calm colors is the key to success. Therewith a well-designed light can make your room unique.

interior design 2019, lighting ideas in interior design 2019

Interior design 2019: trendy ideas

Modern style and luxury of neo-art deco

Since modern style is at peak of popularity for several years, the needs are growing and laconic modern interior isn’t enough. Interior design 2019 call for adding to interior of luxury, using elements of neo-art deco, in particular, vintage furniture of 60-70-es.

interior design 2019, stylish neo art deco style in interior design 2019 American aesthetics

In addition to interiors in modern style, interiors in Scandinavian style, unshakable classics, and modern Parisian interiors will also be popular. Main trend is the beauty of «American style»: style of American classics and neo-classics with addition of art deco elements.

interior design 2019, american style in interior design trends 2019

Hence, we hope that our offered trends, styles and ideas helped to make a choice. Thus, you will be able to make your interior according to stylish trends.

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