Interior color schemes: top 9 stylish color combinations in interior design


None of us like it when home interiors look gray and gloomy. We offer 10 unexpected and elegant interior color schemes that will make your house look fashionable and cheerful!

interior color schemes, top 10 stylish color combinations for interior design

Interior color schemes: stylish combinations

Designers have already suggested interior color schemes, let’s see what color schemes are in trend.

  1. Combination of beige, black and white

Beige color has long been a favorite for designers and homeowners, as it has a remarkable ability to warm space. Stylish beige color was not only warm, add to it several elements in black and white. Interior design will continue to be neutral, but contrast between black and white will give him necessary courage and energy.

interior color schemes, beige-black-white combination

  1. Sea Foam + Camel + Chocolate  

Combination of chocolate-brown and light-blue shades has become classic for many decades of use.

You can change blue color to light green shade of sea foam, and add a few camel color details to them. This neutral tone will create perfect balance between dark brown and light green.

interior color schemes, sea foam-camel-chocolate combination

  1. Combination of olive and charcoal with celadon

Combination of green with light and dark details helps to achieve a unique harmony of freshness and elegance. Furniture, painted in dark gray hue of charcoal, is remarkably enlivened with details of natural olive and celadon color. Adding light cream colors and white color will create right balance and coziness.

interior color schemes, olive and charcoal with celadon combination

Interior color schemes: trendy hues

  1. Romantic palette: pink + white + gold

This combination is one of modish interior color schemes in style of Provence!

interior color schemes, pink+white+gold combination

Note that in this context it is recommended to use not bright pink color, but a more corpus crimson shade, while main accents in interior are white and gold elements.

  1. For interior in the Mediterranean style

An incendiary sea spirit in interior will bring the following color scheme: deep blue + blue “Robin egg” + black + gold. A stunning combination of colors that charges interior with energy of life, and leaves it quite formal!

interior color schemes, stylish Mediterranean style

  1. Glamorous color scheme

Combination of black and bright pink color has long been popular among girls, perhaps because of associations with Barbie’s house. However, in a real, such a color scheme can be annoying. Therefore, for its balancing, it is recommended to apply some neutral shade, for example, gray or beige.

interior color schemes, black and bright pink color combination

Interior color schemes: fashionable combinations

Let’s get acquainted with other stylish interior color schemes.

       7. Coral + green + blue

For those to whom the previous color scheme seemed insufficiently bright and cheerful, we offer the most daring and bright combination of colors in our list! Coral red color combined with contrasting, but soft shades of blue and green tones will bring to your interior an extraordinary tropical atmosphere.

interior color schemes, coral+green+blue color combination

  8.The combination of olive + lime + teal

Most often, in combination with green, designers choose either dark brownish tones or vice versa some bright and bold shades. And what will happen if you use both?

interior color schemes, olive+lime+teal combination

White, green and blue shades bring brightness and freshness to interior, while warm olive and brown tones create necessary coziness.

  9. Stylish color scheme with lilac color

Recently designers use lilac color in interior design with only white or pink color. We offer you a more interesting option: lilac + blue + camel. Very exquisite and bold!

interior color schemes, color combinations with lilac color

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