Indian interior design: top general characteristics of Indian design ideas


Unlike other ethnic styles, Indian style has undergone many changes along way of its development, absorbing customs and traditions of the most diverse cultures. Initially, main idea of Indian interior was simplicity and functionality. Now this style surprises with luxury and elegance. Let’s find out Indian interior design ideas.

Indian interior design, top general characteristics of Indian interior design

Indian interior design: general characteristics of Indian style

Everything in Indian interior design has great spirituality. Also, rooms look fashionable in bright color shades, which you will not find in European interiors. Orange, crimson, yellow and turquoise colors look harmoniously with handmade wooden furniture, carved screens and rich textures of fabrics. Indispensable elements of decor of Indian houses are items made of ivory, wrought iron, and natural wood. Beds, tables, and chairs are made by hand from teak, often inlaid with colored stones, brass, and silver.

Indian interior design, trendy shades for Indian interior design

Indian interior tends to floristry, such as flowers on fabrics, living or artificial plants. You can create atmosphere of Indian interior with sandalwood or patchouli aromatic sticks.

Indian interior design, trendy materials for Indian interior design

For decoration of walls, both vinyl wallpaper with printed pattern and decorative plaster are suitable. Also, color range varies from delicate peach and sand tones to deep purple and turquoise hues. Luxury to room will give walls in gold or mother of pearl hues. Walls can become a real work of art if you drape a piece of surface with pieces of textured fabrics, decorate with wooden carved panels or decorate wall in form of a canvas with pictures of scripture scene.

Indian interior design, trendy accessories for Indian interior design

For ceiling design will be appropriate multi-level transitions from gypsum board, stretch ceiling decorated with a cloth will be trendy. Color should be juicy, bright and deep. On such a ceiling, the chandelier made of brass looks amazing. Moreover, Indians consider wood a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so any interior items made of natural wood are welcome. In bedrooms, floor with soft carpets with images of sacred animals or temple dancers are very fashionable.

Indian interior design, sculptures and paintings in Indian interior design

Indian interior design: color palette and stylish furniture

India is associated in many with riot of colors, bright and juicy nuances in clothing and fabrics. When decorating a house in Indian style, main thing is not to overdo it with color. Of course, this is the brightest interior that you can embody, but everything needs a sense of proportion because at home we are looking for comfort and peace. Let’s see what colors are in Indian interior design trend.

Indian interior design, muscatel pumpkin color in Indian interior design

Very popular in India is color of pulp of Muscat melon, combining orange and red hues. Blue, violet, turquoise, emerald colors are boldly combined in any proportions and textures. However, be careful with use of white. Indians have a special attitude towards him. It is extremely rare in homes, rather it is a temple color, meaning renunciation of luxury, symbol of simplicity and renunciation.

Indian interior design, turquoise color, yellow color in Indian interior design

Traditional Indian furniture, as a rule, is low, without backs and armrests. It can be concise, but more you can find wood with openwork carvings, hand painted, inlaid with stones or covered with colored varnish.

Thus, upholstered furniture with bright glossy fabrics in wide strip, or with national pattern is in trend. Upholstery from velour, suede, and leather are in trend. Several small pillows with ethnic ornaments are an integral part of Indian interior.

Indian interior design, birds and animals in Indian interior design

Indian interior design: decors in Indian style

Carved wooden arches, as a tribute to temple architecture, decorate not only doorways but also doors of cabinets, frames of mirrors, backs of sofas, beds, and armchairs. Also, such a piece of furniture will give room in Indian interior design flavor and, if desired, differentiate functional areas of room. Add finishes to Indian style in interior will help details and accessories that abound in houses of fairytale country:

  • small pillows and bright pillowcases from fabrics of various textures, embroidered with ornaments, beads, animals or flowers;
  • scented candles, metal carved candlesticks, decorative figurines of Indian pantheon of the gods, made of ivory or wood;
  • copper dishes, elegant metal vases, and jugs complemented by chasing or covered with colored enamel;
  • wooden or metal bells that hang from ceiling or into the arches of doors (from whiff of wind they sway, issuing subtle, melodic sounds, bringing lightness and harmony into the house);
  • a huge variety of textiles. Fabrics of different textures decorate walls, ceilings, baldachins. Moreover, bedspreads and tablecloths often appear in form of multilayered structures from fabrics of bright shades.

Indian interior design, stylish decors and accessories in Indian interior design

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