House interior 2019: top trends and styles for house interior design 2019

Every year in design interior new materials appear, color scale varies, and new styles and techniques are produced. We will try to find out house interior 2019 trends in order to find something marvelous for you.

house interior 2019, top styles and trends in house interior design 2019

House interior 2019 offers us to get rid of lush decor, unnecessary parts and unnecessary things that do not carry a functional load. Minimality, however, does not mean that we must plunge into asceticism.

Fashionable design trends impose their imprint on requirements for finishing materials, furniture, and decor of apartments. In interior of 2019, a lot of space is allocated to the stone. It is used for cladding walls, floors, fireplace, decorate door and window openings. The stone can be as decorative (marble, onyx, granite), and the most common (pebbles, sandstone).

house interior 2019, fashion trends and tendencies for house interior 2019

An interesting technique is use of brickwork, coarse plaster, concrete which looks original and democratic. Natural wood we can use not only for making furniture but also as a decorative material.

house interior 2019, stylish materials in house interior 2019

Bamboo, cork, vines are used widely, especially when creating ethnic and rural stylistic variations. In interior of 2019, there is a place for metal elements. Brass, honey, and gilding will add luxury and heat to the interior, and steel, chrome, and nickel will add rigor and futurism. This chic gives the interior fragments of decor from leather and suede, glass and crystal. Traditional wallpaper, especially with a textured surface, various kinds of paint, decorative plaster are in trend.

house interior 2019, stylish materials and ideas for house interior 2019

As for forms, then it is best to turn to a proven geometry with clear, concise outlines. Lines can be smooth, graceful, and can form sharp corners and kinks.

House interior 2019: trendy styles

Despite the fact that house interior 2019 tends to minimalism, Scandinavian, Japanese, high-tech, other options also have the right to exist. It is desirable that entire apartment you decorate in a single style, although a retreat from this rule is also possible, for example, a teenager’s bedroom may well be in Scandinavian or technological style, while the rest of apartment will be a model of modernity.

house interior 2019, trendy styles for house interior design 2019

The trends that you need to rely on are strict symmetry, quality materials, and luxurious decor. Excellent style emphasizes restrained colors. The best option is beige-brown. Bordeaux, dark blue, and dark green are also suitable.

A crystal chandelier with bronze or gilded elements hanging from ceiling, and several additional lamps will add to the interior of luxury.

house interior 2019, trendy styles for house interior design 2019

If you consider yourself a romantic person, and you like coziness and rustic simplicity, then Provence will suit you as well as possible.

house interior 2019, Provence style in house interior design 2019

In the finish of apartment may be present rough plaster, brickwork, exposed wooden beams, bleached walls, and ceiling. |You can paste walls with paper or fabric wallpaper. Apartment in style of Provence has white and pastel colors, floral motifs on textiles and wallpaper.

House interior 2019: other fashion styles

Those who prefer bold modern solutions for house interior 2019 can make an apartment in an industrial style such as loft or high-tech. The loft assumes an open-type planning, that is, there are no walls between functional areas in the apartment. Exception you can make only for toilet and bathroom, separating them with a partition.

One of the signs of styles: open communications: wiring, pipes, concrete floors, ventilation shafts, and gratings, beams. High-tech is a futuristic direction that we can use both as a loft theme and as a style for decorating an apartment with a traditional layout.

house interior 2019, loft style, high tech style in house interior 2019

Baroque has a richness of furnishings. Moldings, gilding, chic furniture with bent legs, Persian carpets, curtains with magnificent drapery, chandeliers, reminiscent of a work of art.

Color scheme, as a rule, provides for warm light colors of walls: cream, golden, beige. But furniture can contrast with them, differ either in dark color, for example, chocolate, or cool shades of blue, green, silver.

house interior 2019, Baroque style, Art Deco in house interior 2019

Art deco is close to baroque, but it is freer and more colorful. Art-deco mixes in itself the most different directions. Here and magnificent stained-glass windows, and massive crystal chandeliers, and bronze statues, and ethnic African and Asian motifs.

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