Home trends 2019: 6 top interior design trends and fashionable ideas

Relevance of stylistic solutions in interior is much more merciful to customer’s wallet, rather than podium fashion. Variants of walls, floors, furniture everything keeps freshness and remains popular. If you have made repairs a year ago, following all fashionable trends, it will remain relevant for at least five to ten years. We present you home trends 2019 and stylistic design solutions that will be fashionable in interiors design.

home trends 2019, 6 top interior trends, tips and ideas

 Fifty shades of blue

Blue will remain one of fashionable colors in home trends 2019. For several years in decoration of premises, combinations of blue in various variations have been popular. Cold shades, such as road blue, indigo, sky blue with an admixture of gray and white are perfect for finishing walls of room in Scandinavian style. To the cold blue is ideal white wood, metal, concrete, light brown, muffled ocher.

home trends 2019, shades of blue in home interior design 2019

Warm colors depending on purpose of room can be dark or light, give a little violet or color of sunny spring sky. Here you can complement color scheme with warm shades of orange and light shades of wood.

home trends 2019, blue shade in interior design trends 2019

 Marsala or wine tint, cherry

We recommend leaving only one of walls under marsala color, painting other walls in white, gray or beige. Also support wine color with dark shade of laminate or parquet, as well as a variety of accessories in black and white hues.

home trends 2019, shades of marsala in home interior design 2019

With cherry-tinged walls, wooden furniture of all shades, from pine to dark oak, is well combined. Marsala blends well with color of greenery, emerald, light green, and also blue: indigo, sea-blue and pale blue.

home trends 2019, stylish marsala shades in home interior 2019

 Everything natural is very fashionable

Natural materials are also in home trends 2019. It is about use of concrete, plaster, metal and natural stone. Also, don’t forget about the wood. Roughly treated concrete walls will guide us towards minimalism. Use concrete in large rooms and dilute it with warm wooden floor and natural textiles: cotton, leather furniture, and animal skins.

home trends 2019, naturalness in home interior design 2019

Natural stone, such as marble, onyx, agate, granite are well diluted with warm, sunny accessories and decor.

Noble metals in everything

The use of metal in furniture and decor is becoming more popular in interior design trends 2019: glossy gloss of metals makes interior refined and fashionable. Metal materials are used in design of fixtures, fittings, furniture elements. Here we can delineate metals into two categories: cold and warm.

home trends 2019, use of metal in interior design trends 2019

For interior in cold colors it’s recommended to use silver, chrome materials ideally reflect white light, adding a zest and brutality to interior. If you want to add room comfort, we recommend diluting interior with decor of copper, gilding, brass. Cold metals are most often used in interiors of Scandinavian style and minimalism. Warm metals look good in classical interiors.

A circle of geometry

Geometric shapes will be fashionable in home decor 2019. Graphic theme is also in home trends 2019 and will attract your attention in interior design. Stone, metal, wood, such decors will give a chic to your interior.

home trends 2019, geometric style in interior design 2019

Geometric patterns look marvelous in textile of room, upholstery of furniture and wall decoration. One or two pieces of furniture will be enough to make a stylish interior. Just add a minimalistic decor and dilute interior with monochrome textures. Thus your home interior design will attract attention and kindle interest of your guests.

More air: breadth and comfort

Among other interior trends in 2019, redevelopment of premises by method of demolishing curtain walls and combination of several rooms into one large room is also popular. This reception will give more air to your apartment, room will seem more spacious and comfortable.

home trends 2019, breadth and comfort in home trends 2019

To distinguish space suitable light wooden partitions with glass filling. Main rule is not to litterbug room with superfluous furniture and forsake a little more room for air.

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