Home interior design 2019: modish trends and tips for home design 2019

Interior design, like any trend in art, has its own fashion and trends. Some of them perpetuate entire epochs, others fleeting and pass for two or three seasons. In this review, we will provide you with various fashion trends of home interior design 2019. Also, styles that are now popular in premium segment, and specific design solutions that can attract your attention.

home interior design 2019, top trends and ideas for home interior design 2019

In our article, we will talk about home interior design 2019.

The most fashionable color is mint (turquoise or pistachio).

Refreshing lightness brought to interior by mint-turquoise hues, appealed to many customers of elite interiors, turning into a steady coloristic trend.

Light turquoise color is often used in combination with white, shades of beige, silver.

Most often, color of year can be found in interiors in Art Deco, Classical and Neoclassical styles.

home interior design 2019, mint color, turquoise color in home interior design 2019

English restraint and symmetry

If you like tradition and aristocratism in interior design, then for sure you will like English style, which is now in vogue. Its elegance and restrained color palette still find admirers around the world.

In addition, English style often uses reception of symmetry, which helps beautifully arrange furniture, decorative accessories and various designs in interior. Symmetry is a classic technique in decorating interiors and always looks exquisite.

home interior design 2019, English style in home interior design 2019

Design of modern kitchen in fashionable chocolate palette

Chocolate palette, like coffee, is very popular with fashion designers of interior. Shades of bitter chocolate, mocha, latte, as well as shades of white chocolate, caramels and many others now benefit from traditional natural palette.

home interior design 2019, chocolate shades in home interior design 2019

Chocolate and coffee shades are an excellent solution for interior design in different styles: art deco and classic, modern style and English.

What is another home interior design 2019 ideas?

Interior of living room with art deco elements

Art deco today is a global world trend, as a style in design of furniture, decor items and interior in general. It is present in many other interior directions, transforms them and emphasizes. But such characteristic features of art deco, as geometric, graphics and texture are in themselves trends in interior design 2019.

home interior design 2019, art deco style in home interior design 2019

Exclusive mirror panels

There is another fashion element in interior design of this season: an incredible beauty and scope exclusive panel on the wall behind the head of bed.

home interior design 2019, mirror panels in home interior design 2019

Such panels are in demand now in decorating not only bedrooms and boudoir houses, but also bathrooms and dressing rooms with them, as well as in design of halls and corridors, parades and stairs, in living rooms and even children’s rooms.

Glossy accents in design of fashionable interior

Gloss is an integral part of modern fashionable interior, whether it’s countertops, facades, satin glazed, polished marble or electronics.

home interior design 2019, glossy accents in home interior design 2019

Gloss can be used both as a finishing material and as a piece of furniture (facades) or decor. The more glossy surfaces reflecting light in one room, the more it looks more refined and modern. Particularly active gloss designers use in such styles as art deco and minimalism.

Monochrome color scheme with golden accents

Monochrome colors in home interior design 2019 designers represented in different variations. For example, silver-gray, chocolate-nut, coffee-brown or beige-peach.

home interior design 2019, golden accents in home interior design 2019

Rose gold, roasted almonds, marsala, sandstone, custard, lavender and many other fashionable shades of 2019 designers use in monochrome palettes. In principle, room, in which there is an elegant transition to semitones, always seems more professionally designed and refined.

Mirror decoration of walls and ceiling

Mirror decoration is an obligatory part of bedroom in Art Deco style and you can use in classical, neoclassical and many other styles.

Decoration of mirror is attractive not only in design of walls but also in design of ceiling, furniture, and accessories. So mirrors are increasingly present on facades of chests of drawers, bedside tables, and boudoir tables.

home interior design 2019, stylish mirrors in home interior design 2019

Mirror decoration can be made in different styles: art deco or classics. In addition, decoration of colored (for example, tinted in gold) mirrors, as well as mirrors with ornaments now also very popular.

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