Home decor ideas 2019: best ideas for a house with your own hands

Interior, transformed due to available creative potential, can be appreciated not only by performer and initiator of changes but by all other household members. Surprising in its beauty, decor deserves special attention, as it is created taking into account modern trends and attractive antiquities. We are going to represent in our article home decor ideas 2019.

home decor ideas 2019, best stylish home decor ideas 2019 by your own hand

Home decor ideas 2019: tips for transforming different rooms in house

Home decor ideas 2019, which is created from conventional materials, will enrich interior.

Often, households gather in kitchen, where they prepare food and eat. We associate decor with cooking, home-made dishes, as it will bring necessary notes to atmosphere and contribute to special coziness for household.

home decor ideas 2019, fashionable kitchen decor ideas 2019

It is desirable to change interior of living room with whole family since common ideas promote rapprochement. For example, you can use cut-out letters to create words about family relationships. The most important thing is to create a special coziness in living room since it is here that all households gather and relax after intensive weekdays.

home decor ideas 2019, stylish living room decor ideas 2019

The bedroom is resting place, here allowed moderate decorations. For example, you can use homemade bedspreads, bedside mats, tissue birds. Decoration of bedrooms is most deserving of needlework attention.

home decor ideas 2019, stylish bedroom decor ideas 2019

Bathroom is a place for hygienic procedures. It is advisable to use shells, pebbles, knots of trees, spanners to create an original decor. Particularly important is possibility of self-creation of panel organizers, wicker baskets, hooks for towels.

home decor ideas 2019, stylish bathroom decor ideas 2019

Kid’s room should be bright, cozy. Use homemade toys, photographs, bedspreads, unique painting on walls, stylish and functional fixtures for decoration.

home decor ideas 2019, stylish kids room decor ideas 2019

Home decor ideas 2019: techniques for creating home decor

Each home decor ideas 2019 deserves special attention. Let’s find out them.


Patchwork is a popular direction of needlework. You can use crafts, multi-colored cloth flaps in order to create it because attractiveness of product largely depends on this.

Usually, mistresses create bedspreads, blankets, and pillows for bedrooms, panels for living rooms, potholders and napkins for kitchens.


Quilling is creation of DIY on basis of paper ribbons, twisted in a special way. For household articles we can use cardboard, paper strips in form of strips, tweezers, scissors, glue with a brush. Creation of paper and cardboard crafts requires a special approach since result largely depends on accuracy of performance.

home decor ideas 2019, patchwork style, quilling style


Decoupage is a technique that allows decorating dishes, flower pots, and vessels, caskets, pieces of furniture. Everything depends on imagination and creativity. You can create beautiful crafts based on cut paper, which will then be glued to the object to be decorated. Then cover object with a thin layer of varnish. Often decoupage returns to life old things.

home decor ideas 2019, quilling style, decoupage style

Home decor ideas 2019: original ideas for home decor

Many talented housewives can transform home interior with help of simple but at the same time original handicrafts. The most important thing is to pay attention to really worthwhile variants of creating decorative objects. Let’s see what home decor ideas 2019 designers suggest.

Candlestick made of old beads

Old beads assorted on beads for creation of an original candlestick.  Fix old disc at the base, paste beads on the edge of. In formed capacity it will be possible to put candles, and candlestick during burning of a candle can be poured by beads.

home decor ideas 2019, candlestick with beads, braided mat

Braided mat

Tapestry technique allows you to create a beautifully braided mat from improvised tools. Old things are cut into thin ribbons, but material should be strong. Threading of thread is desirable to be done manually. Thus prepare a cardboard in size 500×500 mm, sewing thread. Fix the first thread, after which weave tapestry. After the last circle is finished, rug is turned on the opposite side and rope is passed around the perimeter. The ends of threads will need to be closed.

Home decor ideas 2019: stylish ideas

What other home decor ideas 2019 are in trend?

Clothes hanger

Also, you can create an original store for jewelry. The hanger, visually reminiscent of a picture, is ideal for decorations. To create a hanger, use a baguette frame, plywood, stain, hooks, and handles from boxes, nails, a screwdriver, drill, a cutting tool.

Plywood is cut off, focusing on size of frame, and smeared with stain, dried and applied to frame. Mark places of attachment of hooks and screw them. Now you can hang jewelry on a hanger.

home decor ideas 2019, hanger for jewelry, curtain from ribbons

Curtain made of ribbons

You can make an original curtain from tapes. Such a band curtain is suitable for decorating windows, doors. In addition, even a novice needlewoman will cope with the task in the shortest possible time.

Ribbon curtain on the windows scares insects well, so it will please with beauty and practicality.

To create a ribbon curtain, use the following materials:

  • strips or fabric strips with strong edges
  • cornice
  • clips or buttons

Tapes are thrown over the cornice, fixed with special clamps. On fabric strips put on large beads. Also, the most important thing for an easy and quick creation of curtain is presence of individual tapes.

Home decor ideas 2019: other ideas


Bookshelves can create even their usual wooden boards, thus install them at different angles and planes. Created shelves will please an unusual design.

If desired, paint wooden boards in chosen color: white or even bright.

The most important thing is to transform interior with home decor ideas 2019.

home decor ideas 2019, fashionable DIY bookshelves

Flower Pots

Use wooden boxes for growing domestic plants because they can be easily attached to the wall and plant flowers in them. In order for the earth to remain in tank, use moss to plug cracks. As a result, unusual flower pots will transform interior of house and allow you to enjoy natural beauty of plants.

home decor ideas 2019, stylish DIY flower pots by your own hand


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