Home decor 2019: fashion trends, stylish accents and modish styles

«Home, dear home», says everyone, returning to their safe and comfortable place. Now everyone can make their home even more enjoyable with these home decor trends. Last year, in interior design, everything was connected with flamingos, the color of metal and prints of the jungle. So, what will be the trends of home decor 2019? Here you will find several ideas which will help you to decorate your house creatively.

home decor 2019, fashion trends, ideas and stylish accents

Having finished pastel tones, bleached wood, and Danish inspiration, this year it will be possible to meet and greet the dark shades of wood that will provide a luxurious and glamorous look. If you are still obsessed with home decor ideas with metal trim, you can always add it to the handles or legs of the product.

home decor 2019, stylish metal accents in home decor 2018

Flower print has always been among the ideas of home design. Don’t forget to add a lot of green and fruit prints, such as pineapples or, for example, bananas! If you prefer animal prints, this is also a great idea for home decor 2019. The most important fact is not to overload the place, otherwise, your eyes will get tired of too many colors. It would be best to add one botanical accent to your beautiful interior.

home decor 2019, stylish flower prints in home decor design

Despite the fact that pastel and gray shades are the main choices for many interiors, this year don’t be afraid to be bold and experiment with bright colors: red, green, orange. The presence of a room with pastel colors and the addition of an intense red or green sofa will accompany the trend of interior design.


home decor 2019, fashionable pastel colors in home decor 2019

Home decor 2019: stylish accents

If last season everything was connected with pink gold and copper, this year the chance passed to brass. This type of metal can be used in many pieces of furniture or accessories. For example, you can add a brass table, lamp or decoration to your interior. In addition, the great idea is that you could have furniture with brass legs or a sideboard with brass handles. This home decor 2019 trend will give the house an atmosphere of mid-century.

home decor 2019, stylish brass accents in home decor 2019

A wave in any of its forms will become a popular ornament of the season. There are many different options for creating a volumetric pattern on the walls with a wave effect.

home decor 2019, handmade accessories in home decor 2019

All exclusive decors, created by the craftsmen and creative natures are now in fashion. It doesn’t matter what it will be: a rattan mat at the chair, a picture or a masterfully assembled coffee table. The main thing is that the thing was original and executed by hand.

home decor 2019, stylish velvet textile in home decor 2019

Velvet and corduroy textiles are in trend. You can order covers from a fabric of bright colors or, at least, to choose pillowcases for decorative pillows. Excellent looks velvet in drapes.

Modish styles for home decor 2019

Stones as an element of decor are in home decor 2018 trend. It can be a stone countertop, textiles, marble, large pebbles in a flowerpot and even huge crocheted cushions in the form of stones scattered around the apartment.

home decor 2019, home design 2019 with stone decor

The more plants in the house, the more fashionable the interior and the healthier atmosphere. Choose a lemon tree, chlorophytum, ficus, rosemary. They look beautiful in pots and effectively purify the air.

home decor 2019, home design 2019 with fashionable plants

When you are going to decorate your house with new things, do not throw away old souvenirs, but clean it up better. It is possible that the fashion will return to them and they will play in the home again.

home decor 2019, home interior design 2019 with stylish home decor 2019

Designers say that even a simple change of small details in the interior changes the appearance of the room, its mood, and atmosphere. Are you ready for change? Then it’s time to act!

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