Hallway ideas 2019: top trends, tips and colors for hallway design 2019

If we consider from point of view of repairing such an extraordinary space as a hallway, then its organization requires a particularly careful approach. Not only for the reason that it is prone to pollution and other loads, but primarily because it is this zone that accompanies us when leaving and entering the room, and creates a first impression. Therefore, hallway should be neat, aesthetic and functional. And also correspond to the current trends and stylistics of other parts of dwelling. Let’s consider hallway ideas 2019.

hallway ideas 2019, top trends, tips and color for hallway design 2019

Hallway ideas 2019: design features

Comfort and simplicity will be top priorities in hallway ideas 2019. In almost all cases, hallway has a small area, sometimes rewarding owner with its irregular shape. Besides, there is almost always no source of natural light. These features and limitations make selection of each design element a responsible task.

This part of dwelling is a kind of transition zone from noisy and surging rhythm of street to the living rooms, beckoning comfort and atmosphere of rest.

hallway ideas 2019, trends and tendencies for hallway design 2019

Designers offer especially carefully adhere to the principles of comfortable minimalism in layout of hallway. It is necessary to refrain from unnecessary elements, at the same time to emphasize necessary objects of interior, in this case even a modest area can please owner not only with his functional capabilities but also with a beautiful exclusive environment.

hallway ideas 2019, stylish ideas in hallway design 2019

Hallway ideas 2019: color solutions

For such a zone, the most successful solution will be the use of basic shades as a basis with use of bright color impregnations. Here are color solutions in hallway ideas 2019.

White hallway

Snow-white spectrum is an indicator of cleanliness and accuracy. This is the most favorable tone for visual expansion of boundaries of space. Together with correct lighting and large mirrors, white completely eliminates effect of pressing walls and gives a sense of freedom and spring ease.

hallway ideas 2019, fashionable white hallway design ideas

Beige hallway

If you don’t want to surround yourself with a cold palette, but at the same time want to get a delightfully airy and fresh result, choose beige. Warm colors envelop and comfort residents and guests. Using woody notes and greenery, you will create an atmosphere of laid-back naturalness and softness of lines.

hallway ideas 2019, stylish beige hallway design ideas 2019

Gray hallway

This tone is quite thorough and serious. That is why it will easily take unconstrained, and sometimes even amusing.

hallway ideas 2019, stylish gray hallway design ideas 2019

Yellow hallway

Color of sun is full of life-giving energy. You immediately feel light and warmth.

hallway ideas 2019, stylish yellow hallway design ideas 2019

Red hallway

Red tones return their leading position. Decorate entrance hall with a muted terracotta or glossy classic red. And you will exceed all your expectations.

hallway ideas 2019, stylish red hallway design ideas 2019

Hallway ideas 2019: decor and textiles

Here are other stylish hallway ideas 2019 tips and tricks.

Limited space and lack of windows tell us that without a large number of lamps, as well as their correct location in modern hallway, simply can’t do. Before leaving home, each person needs to consider his image well. Thus, small chandelier or wall lamp may not be enough.

hallway ideas 2019, lighting ideas in hallway design 2019

Install several ceiling light sources, or arrange a pair of three candelabra directly at the mirrors. Thanks to such actions, you visually increase size of the space. And if in addition to install large mirrors, then you multiply effect because light will be reflected additionally.

Proceeding from the fact that hallway is a small room with a large functional load, there is not much room for decorative maneuvers. In many cases, it is best to confine yourself to beautiful plants, frames, original texture, a pattern on a carpet, chair. An interesting technique is to cover wall with an appliqué in the form of a tree. And then place hooks for things in such a way that they hang from branches of an imaginary plant.

hallway ideas 2019, tips and tricks for hallway design 2019

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