Hallway decorating ideas: top trends and decor ideas for hallway design

Getting into the house, guests judge hospitality, prosperity, and taste of owners according to what is decor of hallway. This room unites all rooms, so its design should be in harmony with the whole interior. Let’s consider hallway decorating ideas.

hallway decorating ideas, top trends and decor ideas for hallway design

Hallway decorating ideas: trends

Wall hallway decorating ideas

A stencil drawing or a mosaic panel made of broken tiles, an applique from vinyl stickers, if you work on a finished sample will be trendy. When there is a desire to decorate an entrance fresco or a wall painting in a complicated technique, you can prepare surface of walls yourself to reduce costs. The main part will make a specialist in a certain technique.

hallway decorating ideas, wall design ideas for hallway interior design

Decorative facing brick or wild stone on part of wall is noble decor of hallway in the apartment. It is not necessary to lay out entire wall, enough artificial masonry in one corner, near the front door or between interior doors.

Masonry is a typical decor of hallway, used in different styles, for example, loft or urbanism. Venetian plaster with effect of marble is the most expensive and laborious kind of facing. The most magnificent is walls and columns under the Venetian or textured plaster.

Artificial marble is another way of spectacular decor in the hallway. It looks admirably both on the floor and on the walls and is also used in form of decorative inserts among any tile lining.

hallway decorating ideas, decor materials for hallway interior design

Hallway decorating ideas: trendy ideas

Hallway decorating ideas with mirrors

Mirror wall is the best way of visual expansion of a small space. But limited area of hallway requires a competent approach in the use of mirrors. Wardrobe with sliding mirror doors solves several problems at once. It combines sets of departments for storing seasonal items and large mirrors, without which it is difficult to gather before leaving the house. Built-in closet can be deep if there is enough space in hallway, or compact.

hallway decorating ideas, hallway design with mirrors

Tiles with a high degree of reflection is another way for hallway decoration. It is laid out in different ways: narrow inserts; mirror wall; as edging to a large mirror; diagonally separate blocks. A large mirror on a stand or in a frame on one of walls can become the main accent.

Mirror of unusual shape perfectly complements interior design in any style:

  • a frame with carving on wood – a classic
  • mirror- sun-art deco
  • without registration – minimalism
  • with a wide edging of shells – sea style
  • chrome frame – high-tech
  • asymmetric shape with a stained-glass complement – modern
  • aged wood on the frame-province or country
  • with a console and candlesticks – historical stylistics.

hallway decorating ideas, hallway interior design with stylish mirrors

Hallway decorating ideas: wallpaper trends and lighting ideas

Combining wallpaper in hallway decorating ideas

Many have already become bored with paper wallpapers. It is worth moving away from traditional wallpaper in favor of decor of hallway with wallpaper on different bases:

  • vinyl with a texture that mimics natural materials
  • fiberglass and non-woven fabric for painting
  • liquid wallpaper with all kinds of fillers
  • metalized rolls
  • bamboo and cork
  • interior textiles
  • wooden or veneered wallpaper.

hallway decorating ideas, wallpaper design in hallway interior ideas

Each variety is distinguished by an effective surface with excellent aesthetic properties. Unconventional wallpaper can be combined, reaching an unusual effect, or combined with decoration of stone or brickwork.

Combination of the same wallpaper of different shades in form of decorative inserts is the simplest decor of hallway, but the idea and the end result are important.

hallway decorating ideas, wallpaper trends in hallway interior design

Choosing creative lighting for hallway

In hallways of urban apartments usually there are no windows, and much attention is paid to lighting, modern are considered diode lamps, which are still very economical. Unusually look at the glowing panels on the floor, which turn on when you step on them.

hallway decorating ideas, lighting in hallway decorating ideas

Effectively look a soaring stretch ceiling with illumination around the perimeter.

hallway decorating ideas, lighting ideas in hallway interior design

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