Hall interior decoration: top tips and tricks for HALL INTERIOR DECORATION

First of all, it is necessary to determine value of hall in modern design. If earlier this room had a purely technical function, today its characteristics and, accordingly, design options have significantly expanded. Use space to the maximum and give hall additional value, and following tips for hall interior decoration will help to do it competently and harmoniously.

hall interior decoration, tips and tricks for hall interior decoration

Here are hall interior decoration tips and tricks that will help you. Choosing style of design of hall, it is necessary to take into account design of main rooms, doors of which are adjacent to it. Very often door can remain open, in which case hall should serve as a continuation of general style.

hall interior decoration, tips for hall interior decoration 2018

Since often hall space is devoid of sunlight, it is more appropriate and harmonious to use light, pastel tones. Dark or saturated shades can be present as small accents. Of course, the larger size of hall, the wider possibility of using a more diverse color palette.

It is worth taking care of functional technical lighting, which plays an important role in space of the hall. To the main light on the ceiling, you can add decorative lighting, wall sconces, lighting of paintings and mirrors. You can think about different lighting scenarios.

hall interior decoration, trendy colors in hall interior decoration trends

In design of walls, you can add more and texture, it will give hall a variety. Decorative plaster, wall bulk panels, stone, concrete, tiles: all this significantly extends usual look at the appearance of hall.

hall interior decoration, trendy materials and textiles in hall interior decoration

Hall interior decoration: tips and tricks

We will give hall interior decoration tips and tricks which will help to make a stylish hall. If hall space has an unsuccessful shape, sharp angles or a significant length, flaws will help to eliminate mirror surfaces.

hall interior decoration, stylish ideas for hall interior decoration

In addition to main elements of hall, its space can be filled with a sofa or couch, a rocking chair, coffee tables, a decorative fireplace, an aquarium, a small decorative fountain, landscaping or decor. Let hall no longer be faceless, now it becomes a full-fledged room and is used with advantage.

hall interior decoration, furniture design in hall interior decoration

To transform monotonous space, it is enough to place several bright accents on walls in form of paintings, photos or to fix on them original lamps. In addition, you can apply a combined wall decoration. Proportions of premises can be successfully adjusted by means of strips. Horizontal stripes, as well as tile inserts, overhead volumetric strips of various materials (moldings), located longitudinally, will allow to visually expand a small room. Vertical accents in decoration of walls will help to lift ceilings optically. To expand space, instead of doors you can use arched passages.

hall interior decoration, decor ideas in hall design 2018

Hall interior decoration: stylish ideas

Don’t forget about places to store things. In hall interior decoration can be a built-in wardrobe, chest or additional storage space under the stairs. The main thing is that they are convenient and easily accessible.

hall interior decoration, trends and tendencies for hall interior decoration

In the entrance area, shades of beige, milky, cream and peach will harmoniously look. This restrained stylistics will emphasize individual inclusions in saturated tones. Quite often hall layout has lack of natural light, therefore designers recommend to give light tones as the background decoration of walls. Having played on the contrasts (for example, in design of furniture, doors, and lamps), it’s easy to create an original and stylish interior. Ceiling in hall can differ in color from ceilings of other rooms. In decoration of walls according to their preferences, you can combine different materials, combining wallpapering and painting, paneling with clapboard or decorative panels, facing with a stone.

hall interior decoration, dark shades in hall interior decoration

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