Furniture trends 2019: top trends and colors of furniture designs 2019

What is significance of furniture in interior of your house? Fashion for furniture, like everything else, changes from year to year. Fashion furniture trends 2019 is maximum use of natural, environmentally friendly materials, restraint, and comfort. In the past, massive and unnecessarily pretentious decor elements leave.

furniture trends 2019, top trends, ideas and colors of furniture designs 2019

Wooden furniture still is not inferior to its positions in popularity, but this time furniture from untreated wood becomes more and more popular. Especially one of relevant furniture trends 2019 is eco style, founders of which are rightfully considered Scandinavian designers. By combining natural materials and innovative ideas. They were able to breathe a little pacification and freshness into heavy rhythm of modern life. Eco style doesn’t tolerate cluttering up space. When choosing color scheme, you should pay attention to natural shades: cream, white, shades of nature.

furniture trends 2019, wood furniture design trends 2019

Combination of wood and metal is also trendy. Such constructions from different, but at the same time very compatible materials, will fit into interior design 2019 of almost any home.

furniture trends 2019, wood and metal furniture design 2019

Asymmetry in furniture is in fashion. Unusually bed head from different broken geometric figures or contrast color palette. It allows creating an original and unique style of life in rhythm of megacity.

furniture trends 2019, asymmetry in furniture trends 2019

Color of watermelon

The era of dusty pink color and color of flame goes away. It is replaced by something average: soft, but still insistent shade of watermelon. It is in furniture trends 2019 and perfectly combined with entire green palette, which remains at the peak or becomes accent in neutral interior. As chameleon adjusting to environment, color of watermelon can attract attention or hide in depths, dissolve in interior.

furniture trends 2019, watermelon color in furniture trends 2019

Blue velvet

Blue is still one of the most favorite colors in the world. Important role blue color plays most often as a shade of furniture upholstery. But there is another option, for example, a carpet in a minimalist interior. A luxury note should be here too!

furniture trends 2019, blue velvet in furniture design 2019

Gray, beige and pink

Gray, beige and pink is classical color scale in furniture design 2019, which everyone likes and is difficult to make wrong. Three colors flow one into another, and by varying proportions. You can make interior warmer or cold, create business or home environment. Brands find their ways to show us all delights of gray-pink-beige combination, adding brilliance of metals.

furniture trends 2019, gray-beige-pink colors in furniture trends 2019

Chests narrow, vertical and horizontal

Storage can and should be elegant. Nobody needs to see if you have one set of skis, sledges and winter shoes. Therefore, for example, built-in storage, cloak-rooms, and storerooms are also in furniture trends 2019. But dressers remain in our interiors, and it’s time for them to become more elegant. So let vertical storage grows upward, but horizontal in breadth, but not in depth. So the air in room will become much more!

furniture trends 2019, storage design in furniture trends 2019


A great way to make interior more comfortable and pleasant is to get rid of all extra corners and sharp forms. Tables-coils are brilliant, and most importantly, very convenient solution that brings us closer to interior for relaxation. Now, no one will knock with his elbow or knee on the leg. Sitting at the table will be much nicer, and to the touch, it is smooth and neat, like a toy. And even this table looks monolithic as if it doesn’t consist of dozens of details. To look at him is a pleasure!

furniture trends 2019, tables-coils in furniture design 2019

Marble and quartz

Quartz is in furniture trends 2019 and is much less susceptible to damage, has a wide color palette, unusual patterns and it is easy to take care of. At least in kitchens designs 2019, quartz has almost replaced marble. But still the latter remains favorite of some brands in manufacture of table tops for furniture.

furniture trends 2019, quartz in furniture design, puffs in furniture design

Puffs instead of tables

No extra furniture is the motto of modern interior. And if there is an opportunity not to put an object in room, then why do it? And if one thing can perform functions of another, then so be it. Puffs have been used for several years as coffee tables, but now this topic attracts more attention. There are, for example, combined models: half pouf, half table.

furniture trends 2019, pseudo-processed wood in furniture design

Pseudo-processed wood

It is no longer necessary to hide traces from knots, small defects, cracks and uneven angles. Wood without embellishments seems closer to nature. And therefore will emphasize in interiors their ecological compatibility. There is another important nuance, such an exaggerated wood requires contrasts to open. Therefore, wait for bold combinations with coarse metals, bright soft sofa, and cold minimalist forms.


We will not forget about non-ferrous metals for a while. This trend has become very universal and is also in furniture trends 2019. Don’t want to let go of it until you try hundreds of ways to use it in the interior design trends 2019. Precious metal shine of brass will be met no less than last year. And something tells us that in future little will change.

furniture trends 2019, brass in furniture design 2019

Subjects similar in color

Contrasts are not for everyone, but also solid colors, too. Designers find new ways to make interiors more vivid or at least just add a little color to them, but so that it doesn’t bother anyone. Add a couple of drops of a different hue to gray color. And now you don’t know whether it is green or brown, but interior remains intact. Or you can use five, seven or more colors together if they are similar. For example, a few shades of green, from a muted emerald to a juicy lemon.

furniture trends 2019, subjects similar in color

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