Farmhouse wall decor: find out fashionable ideas and trends for wall decor


Decoration of walls is usually final stage of construction. You can use creative ideas and independently make original notes in decorative solution of room. What farmhouse wall decor are in trend and how to decorate walls with your own hands, based on fashion trends, later in our article.

farmhouse wall decor, top fashionable ideas and trends for wall decor

Farmhouse wall decor: texture painting of walls

Texture painting of walls is used in farmhouse wall decor to give them relief and create bright accent in interior. When carrying out work, it’s possible to use various technologies with which you can transform any room in accordance with your taste.

When using textural color technology, surface doesn’t need to be leveled. Thus replacing certain section of wall is possible at any stage.

farmhouse wall decor, texture wall painting ideas

To get the best result, before work starts, put walls in one layer, clean well, then cover with paint on emulsion basis. Texture paint is applied to surface in three ways.

Wet method: with use of tissue.

Dry way: with use of brush.

And last way is knurling technology: rolling textural fabric on wall or ceiling in same direction.

farmhouse wall decor, texture wall painting ideas

Paint room in 1 or 2 colors. To revive interior, edges or corners of walls highlight in different shade that will differ from its central part.

Making one of walls with photos brings to interior sense of family unity, creates special mood, awakening the most kind and bright feelings.

These can be large portraits, genre scenes or ordinary shots captured from everyday life.

Photos within different sizes and shapes give interior modern dynamism. For example, farmhouse wall decor with rectangular frames, which are arranged along strict horizontal line in one or several lines makes interior more conservative and static.

You can move away from usual way of placing photos by decorating wall with stylized image of trunk. Successfully placing on its branches portraits of household, creating whole family tree.

farmhouse wall decor, wall photo gallery wall decoration

Refinement and uniqueness of interior will give photographs that aren’t framed but glued on dense cardboard of juicy colors. Fix them on stretched cords, fishing line, chains.

Wise quotations, important wishes, monograms, written on high-quality thick paper in fine print and framed by gilded frame will look perfect. If area of wall is small, it isn’t necessary to create large composition. You can put one photo on narrow glass shelf, favorably highlighting it with beautiful backlight.

farmhouse wall decor, wall photo gallery ideas for wall decoration

Farmhouse wall decor: using pictures and wall-painting

Create certain mood is possible with help of paintings that have long been win-win option for decorating walls.

farmhouse wall decor, use of paintings for wall decor ideas

Decoration of walls in style of high-tech will support images with clear ordered lines on achromatic background. So they should have simple frame without unnecessary decorative elements. Select several small posters, then align them along one line.


Noble, ancient Provence style presupposes presence of pictures with idyllic countryside scenery or genre scenes. And stylized frames for wooden frame with impeccable lacquering and carving will add to interior of greater attractiveness.

Drawing is carried out by tempera, acrylic, water-emulsion, oil paints. Also, you can use airbrush, balloons with pearlescent, fluorescent colors.


Amazing expressiveness and depth of wall will give 3D drawings, for which relief half-volume images are made of plaster mass.

farmhouse wall decor, 3D painting on wall design ideas

The most simple method of making unicellular walls of unusual color sound is application of stripes. Thus you can vary width, color, direction of bands.

farmhouse wall decor, wall decor with stylish stripes


Farmhouse wall decor: vinyl stickers and stylish plates

You can make farmhouse wall decor with ready-made vinyl stickers. Among extensive assortment, you can select images with different color combinations, shapes, and sizes. So sea theme will be gorgeous in bathroom. For home interior don’t fit gloomy stories.

Vinyl stickers are easy to replace, if there is need to refresh interior or make new notes to it.

farmhouse wall decor, use of vinyl stickers in wall decor ideas

Special charm and sophistication for decorating walls in interior have wall plates. Collectible items with paintings are quite expensive. However, there is opportunity to make kitchen solemn-elegant. If usual porcelain or plastic plates glue fragments of ornament. So you can decorate kitchen entourage with bright city motives.

farmhouse wall decor, wall decor with stylish plates

Having spent little time, it will be possible to decorate plates with graceful pastel or contrast patterns in technique of decoupage. Thus add mood and emphasize special style of room transfer to plates of ornament that is present on curtains. For these purposes, it’s possible to cut out individual fragments from remains of tissue and fix them with transparent lacquer on plywood mug.

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