Farmhouse decor 2019: consider best decor ideas for farmhouse design

Many farmhouse owners want to make their site unique. To give it individuality, it isn’t necessary to contact designer, because you can create decor for your own farmhouse. To do this, you can use various building materials, as well as broken furniture and other old things, giving them new life. We will consider farmhouse decor 2019 ideas.

farmhouse decor 2019, top trendy ideas for farmhouse decor 2019

Farmhouse decor 2019: stylish ideas

Mosaic table

Another option for farmhouse decor 2019 is old table, decorated with mosaic tiles and colored glass.

farmhouse decor 2019, mosaic table ideas

Design of table depends on personal wishes. First, cut piece of plywood in dimensions of table and treat it with acrylic primer. When plywood dries, screw it to table, then center of table and other places mark with pencil, depending on pattern.

Glue tiles around perimeter of table surface and in places marked according to pattern. Fill tiles areas, serving as backdrop for ornament. Start from center of table. After glue dries, level surface carefully by filling seams with trowel. Surplus of grout remove with damp cloth. After decorating table, it’s desirable to paint other parts of it with color suitable for mosaic.

farmhouse decor 2019, trendy mosaic table

Interior decoration of farmhouse with your own hand

Beautiful decor should be not only in suburban area but also inside house. In this case, it isn’t necessary to carry out expensive repairs, if necessary, and buy expensive decor items.

Decorate interior of house easily by yourself. Surplus ceramic tiles lay out in mosaic on kitchen apron. For this, broke into small parts and create multicolored pattern or monophonic ornament. In this case, select grout for color of mosaic or contrast.

farmhouse decor 2019, stylish mosaic kitchen apron

Interior doors in farmhouse decorate with pieces of carpet. To do this, firstly trim jamb, and door itself can be lined with cloth for curtains. Fasten these materials to door on cloves with original hats or glued. Also, paint doors in bright color, and glass elements adorn decoupage method, gluing them on cut pieces of napkins.

farmhouse decor 2019, stylish carpets in farmhouse decor 2019

Farmhouse decor 2019: tips and tricks

Usually, farmhouse uses old furniture that doesn’t fit together. It’s advisable to paint different furniture pieces with one color to visually unite them. Before painting from surface of furniture remove dirt, dust and dehydrate it. For coloring, white glossy enamel and color are suitable. They are bred in two jars and put on furniture traces, rubbing with sponge. This way of processing will make furniture visually aged. Many farmhouses have fireplace, which is irreplaceable hotbed.

farmhouse decor 2019, trendy fireplace ideas for farmhouse

You can make fireplace with your own hands or decorate old one. Paint it with paint, tile with mosaic, remnants of ceramic tiles, artificial or naturalrative stone, deco forging.

To decorate site and house don’t resort to costly and difficult methods.

Farmhouse decor 2019 from old transport

In farmhouse area as ornament, you can use broken bicycle and another type of transport. Old bicycle will be excellent base for flower garden, but beforehand it’s enameled to ensure that it’s resistant to moisture. Locate plants on steering wheel, trunk, and attach miniature pots to pedals. Often bicycles are decorated with wicker baskets, hanging them on steering wheel. In this basket, you can plant ivy, and a few years later bicycle will be braided with green thickets.

farmhouse decor 2019, stylish bicycle with flowers decor

Also, beautiful flower beds are made from old boats. Boat can turn into flower bed. To do this, fill it with soil and plant bright ornamental plants.

Flowerbeds from old furniture

Flower beds play significant role in arrangement of landscape design of farmhouse. Old chest of drawers can become multi-level flower garden. To do this, just open all of its drawers and fix them at different levels with help of screws or nails. It’s desirable to paint such chest in bright or discreet shades. It should be treated with varnish that is resistant to moisture and sun. Then fill boxes with earth and drainage. It’s better to plant in such flower bed small flowers, low bushes, and grass. As flower pot, you can use seat of old chair, carving in it place for pot. After this, attach attachment to it and place pot with plant there.

farmhouse decor 2019, chair as flower bed in farmhouse design ideas

farmhouse decor 2019, furniture as flower bed for farmhouse design ideas

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