Farmhouse curtains: what style of curtains are suitable for your farmhouse


When decorating farmhouse, it’s important to emphasize its rural flavor, simplicity and environmental friendliness. Curtains for it are better to choose bright, practical and functional. Let’s talk about farmhouse curtains trends.

farmhouse curtains, what style of curtains will suit your farmhouse

Farmhouse curtains: what style will suit for your residence?

Lush folds and pretentiousness of light classical lambrequins, fancy curtains or ultra-modern shine of minimalistic curtains are better left to decorate urban interiors.

Simplicity and comfort of country

Farmhouse curtains made of natural fabrics with simple geometric pattern is basis of country style. Flax, chintz, cambric, cotton or combination of these fabrics with synthetic fibers will be suitable. Material should protect from bright light and let in air, having natural look.

farmhouse curtains, green farmhouse curtains, orange farmhouse curtains

Paints are used as bright, for example, yellow, green, orange, blue, and muted, such as terracotta, cornflower, grassy-green. Their combination with white tone is characteristic. Used pattern of diverse cell and strip is business card of direction. Monophonic canvases are also acceptable. Pay attention to curtain model: their length can be up to window sill, or to middle of window. As a rule, curtains have right shape, while they are decorated with frills pick-ups.

farmhouse curtains, floral farmhouse curtains, stripe farmhouse curtains

Refinement of Provence

This style also requires use of simple fabrics and styles. Colors and pattern are somewhat different. Colors of Provence are soft, slightly burnt or aged: tender-lilac, light-beige, milky, mint. Choose fabric in French spirit is easy, just select canvas in pastel colors with pattern of small field flowers, for example, lavender, olive branch, other plant elements. Cornices made of wood will be the most suitable option because they are simple.

farmhouse curtains, Provence farmhouse curtains

Farmhouse curtains: trendy styles

Naturalness of eco-style

Recently, in farmhouses have increasingly become used blinds, because with their help it’s very convenient to adjust illumination of rooms. But they are usually made of plastic and aluminum and don’t really correspond to concept of ecological. Their successful alternative can be roll of jute, Roman, Japanese or curtains, pleated paper or fabric. Color of nature is also relevant for eco: pastel and muted tones, natural shades.

farmhouse curtains, roman farmhouse curtains

farmhouse curtains, Japanese style farmhouse curtains

What are key points to consider farmhouse curtains?

If you have decided on style of textile design, don’t forget to take into account several important factors:

  • windows facing south are better to be covered with dense dark material that will at least keep cool in house, if you still want to hang something bright, remember that white color in the sun burns out and acquires characteristic yellowness;
  • you may need more than one set of curtains, so it’s worth picking pair of sets that will approach interior and slightly differ in color and style from each other;
  • for gazebo or veranda, more than ordinary cloth is more suitable, but waterproof, which will serve as reliable protection in rain;
  • complex chrome or plastic cornices will not be quite appropriate in combination with simple rural curtains, but wooden or forged ones are just right, especially if they are equipped with comfortable rings or clothespins for fastening.

farmhouse curtains, stylish farmhouse curtains ideas

Farmhouse curtains: style and ornament

Original ideas for creating curtains

One of unusual options for creating farmhouse curtains is patchwork curtains. To do this, you need different pieces of scrap. You should choose fabrics with same texture, wash them and iron them. Then gather curtain of necessary size from them. Tear pieces into one sheet. You can process edges with oblique bake. Then sew curtain tape and gather folds. Ready curtains can be hung on cornice.


As for style, it shouldn’t be complicated and intricate. Fluffy frills, flounces, and lambrequins aren’t suitable for country decor. Preferred styles of curtains, such as country and Provence. But country, in particular, is undisputed leader in interior design.

farmhouse curtains, patchwork farmhouse curtains

Old-fashioned curtains up to windowsill will do. To make product simple, you should stop on drawings in form of small flower or cage.

farmhouse curtains, floral farmhouse curtains

Long curtains are mostly unsuccessful and impractical choices. This is due to fact that near floor they quickly get dirty, and it’s difficult to wash long canvases, and even ironing is difficult.

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