Exterior Paint Colors 2021: Top Stylish Trends for Exterior Design in 2021 (10+ Photo)


How do you determine which hue is more appropriate for exterior decoration? Do you prefer flamboyant or fundamental tints? In any kind of finishing work, choice of color is of overriding importance, it can, both hide faults, and emphasize them.

Let’s find out exterior paint colors 2021 trends.

exterior paint colors 2021

Exterior paint colors 2021: tips and tricks

Designers believe that reliable and effective principle of placing colors is use of two shades of one color, differing by couple of tones.

The third, contrasting color, you can decorate door, focusing on it.

exterior paint colors 2021

Color can highlight many of lineaments of your exterior.

Paint your porch in bright and fresh white color to create feeling of solace or make house too tall visually shorter by painting its upper part with dark colors and the lower one by lighter ones.

There are many options to hide weaknesses of home and emphasize strengths with help of paint games.

exterior paint colors 2021

This year, there are fashionable styles with noble, soft lines. Nothing rude and militant.

Sharp color and textural solutions, as well as abstraction for a time, are postponed.

That’s why on crest of wave is country style, in which softness of natural materials prevails.

Elegant and refined lines continue to please style of Provence. In trend, light, soft shades and white.

exterior paint colors 2021

Exterior paint colors 2021: color of facade, tips, ideas

If you desire to paint your house in peculiar color then select hue from exterior paint colors 2021 that will be few tones lighter or darker than main color. Paint front door in some flamboyant and contrasting color.

exterior paint colors 2021

If facade’s natural materials have cold texture (concrete, slate, etc.), then combine them with bright colors or vice versa.

So, combine concrete with orange walls, warm wood and stone will look perfect with gray facades.

exterior paint colors 2021

You can emphasize individual parts of monochrome color exterior with white or other corresponding colors.

exterior paint colors 2021

Exterior paint colors 2021: combination with roof

Development of design is reasonable to begin with choosing roof, and then pick up facade under it.

Choice of facade materials is much wider than roofing materials, so it’s easier to choose good facade to roof you have already chosen, rather than vice versa.

exterior paint colors 2021

Red and brown are traditional and most popular tints for roof. White-fronts perfectly approach to them, such house looks affably and beautifully.

This is classic combination of colors dark top and bright bottom, optimal for suburbs. Dark facades under wood or brick with brown roof don’t look so elegant and are more appropriate in urban buildings.

exterior paint colors 2021

Gray and black roof is more rigorous and solid option. The darker the roof, the better it absorbs heat. The roof of dark color is universal, with it facade of almost any color and texture is well combined.

White and light gray roof is relevant in hot regions with low precipitation. A light roof allows you to reduce cost of air conditioning at home and looks great with blue facade.

exterior paint colors 2021

Green and blue colors of roof make house more noticeable and unusual in appearance, but not at all fanciful.

Green roof harmonizes well with forest area and blue roof with sky in open spaces. With them, beige and sandy facades are effectively combined, most often brick or stone finish.

exterior paint colors 2021 exterior paint colors 2021 exterior paint colors 2021

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