Eco interior design: best decor ideas and trends in eco style design


Eco-style in modern interior of house will help create cozy and comfortable environment. An important plus in style of eco is ability to find solution for every taste. Let’s find out eco interior design trends.

eco interior design, eco design ideas and trends

Eco interior design: features of eco-style design

Color solution

Ecological orientation of eco interior design, first of all, colors which designers use for decor. These are hues that we meet in nature: sand, earth, grass, coniferous, terracotta, blue, white. Exclude acid shades and harsh color combinations.

eco interior design, fashionable colors in eco style interior design


Room in eco-style is trimmed as much as possible by natural materials. First of all, these are wood, stone, cork, terracotta, ceramics, glass, paper, wicker from a vine or rattan panel, mats.

eco interior design, usable materials in eco style design

Finish walls with plant motifs image wallpaper, or put them in panels of cork, both of which support eco-style of room, but the first option is much more budgetary. Stucco, painted or whitened, is also in trend. Ceilings are either covered with whitewash, or wallpapered under painting, or trimmed with wood. Floors are often made of wood or trim with stone tiles or ceramic tiles.

Eco interior design: decor and interior design


For apartment in eco interior design is suitable furniture from wood, simple form, quite massive, and shape should be as natural as possible, either straight or even rough, or, conversely, smooth, imitating natural curves. Wood texture should be as simple as possible, and its processing should be minimal. In the second, careful processing and polishing of wood are permissible. Wicker items made of vine, rattan, bamboo are in fashion.

eco interior design, furniture in eco style interior design


As much as possible of natural lighting: this is obligatory requirement of ecological interior. Lamps in design can be invisible, built-in, creating light stream, complementing light from windows, as well as decorative with lampshades of textiles, rice paper or vines, with elements in form of tree branches or animal horns are always in eco-style fashion.

eco interior design, lighting ideas in eco style interior design

Eco-style doesn’t like excess of objects, thus it is close to minimalism. Decor objects in combination usually perform utilitarian functions. Simple homespun rugs give exclusivity and warm stone floors, bright pumpkin becomes colorful accent of design and can serve as lamp shade.

Eco interior design: fashionable ideas

Unusual paintings of stone and wood, beautiful pebbles folded in glass vase, mirror frames with design of shells, river pebbles laid out in bathroom in form of rug are in trend. It is difficult to list all possible decorative elements of eco interior design.

eco interior design, design ideas for eco style interior design

An excellent addition to interior will be a fireplace, both live and bio, or its imitation. Live greens are another tool of design, with which you can revive the simplest interior.

eco interior design, stylish accessories in eco style interior design

Textile design is also fashionable with natural materials and hues. Material for upholstery furniture, sofa cushions, as a rule, choose coarsely. You can replace curtains by roller blinds or bamboo roller blinds.

eco interior design, stylish trends in eco interior design

Main rule is observance of sense proportion. You can’t saturate interior with decor, no matter how right and suitable to occasion it doesn’t seem. Otherwise, you can get result, opposite of what you expect.

eco interior design, design tips and tricks in eco interior design

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