Country interior design: best solutions and trends for rooms of house


Country style carries invaluable charm, which is multifaceted style, passing rustic charm of each of them through simple and understandable from childhood things. Still, many, one way or another, attracts foreign English, French, American country, in which, undoubtedly, there are a lot of attractive features. And we, somewhat generalizing, tell how to convey color of this direction in interiors of different rooms. Let’s speak about country interior design in detail.

country interior design, best styles and ideas for country interior design

Country interior design: characteristic features

Country interior design is purity of materials in embodied objects of interior, its lining, and decoration. Without current home appliances, very few people do nowadays. But if you are planning to embody features of style in your home, it’s better not to flaunt equipment, but hide it as much as possible.

This style items don’t need to have trendy design, but rather be somewhat primitive, even rude. Although some elegant objects can be used (as in French country).

country interior design, furniture design in country interior style

Plastic, linoleum, glossy surfaces are not trendy in country style, because it accepts only natural materials.

Use stone (artificial or natural) for laying floor, wall cladding or fireplace area. As floor covering also use wooden boards, tiles.

Plaster and cover walls with paint, or paper with paper wallpapers with neat floral pattern. Decorate ceiling with beams made of wood, which is very much in spirit of country style.

country interior design, wall and ceiling design in country interior

Fabrics in textile decoration of premises select only natural: flax, cotton, chintz, cambric with a pattern in the cage, stripes, with plant motifs, but only no complex ornaments.

Country interior design will suit you if you are supporter of comfortable, practical interior. Where everything is very easy to clean, wash, move from place to place and does not require special expenses and time for leaving.

For example, country allows use of universal objects, such as tracks from sisal, mats, baskets for storing shoes, firewood, umbrellas or newspapers.

Country style in bedroom

Bedroom style of country will, above all, be cozy, calm and laconic due to pleasant color for the eyes. Simple surface treatment and cute accessories in form of table lamps with fabric lampshades, lacy napkins or patchwork.

country interior design, bedroom in country interior style

Ceiling in country bedroom should be whitewash, or in the best traditions of style, wood. Walls just align and plaster can be pasted with wallpaper with floral or floral patterns. Floor is laid with stone or tiles is not advisable, because in this room it can be too cold for feet. Parquet or wooden boards will do the best.

country interior design, bedroom design in country interior style

The overall color palette should not go beyond natural combinations of green and cream, blue and white, brown and terracotta. Furniture can be darker than main environment and used in number of necessary items with additional decorative objects (puffs, dressing table, mirror in simple frame).

Country interior design: style in living room, kitchen, and bathroom

 Living room in country style

Country interior design in living room has insignificant degree more actively than in bedroom. Accent is often made on fireplace or artificial heater in center of room. Try to decorate this area is with stone or tile masonry, decorate firewood pots, forged candlesticks or dishes, perhaps scenery in simple wooden frame.

country interior design, living room in country interior style

Stylish floors, like everywhere in country style interiors, are laid out with tiles, stone or wooden boards. But in living room, it is possible to diversify situation with different types of coating materials, depending on zone of room.

Country in kitchen-dining room

Design of kitchen also tends to be natural: no plastic on ceiling or glass countertops in work area. Floor is laid with tiles, like kitchen apron. Decorate windows and doorways with light textiles, picked up by ribbons.

country interior design, kitchen-dining room in country interior style

In kitchen cabinets, built-in appliances are hiding, and decorate walls with simple veneer wallpaper with still-lifes, plates, shelves with ceramics, fresh flowers in clay pots.

Country in the bathroom

If ceilings are high, plaster and paint them, tile walls with stone, or like floors. Install furniture in modular, simple geometric form, but always made of wood.

country interior design, bathroom in country interior style

A decorative note have laundry baskets, forged towel holders, and thin foot mat.

country interior design, stylish design ideas for country interior style

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