Country decorating ideas: best trends and ideas for country interior design

Country style reflects tranquility, comfort, it is dominated by such qualities as functionality, romance, measured lifestyle. In each country, interior in style of country is expressed in its own way, that is, it reveals culture and characteristics of nation in their country. Let’s find out country decorating ideas in our article.

country decorating ideas, stylish trends and ideas of country interior design

Country decorating ideas: stylish ideas

Common components of country decorating ideas is use of only natural materials, old furniture, textiles in muted tones, themes of nature and wildlife.

How to create country style?

Use paper wallpaper for wall decoration, and wood panels, as well as decorative plaster. Sometimes, especially leave an untouched part of the wall. Color scheme is soft colors. If this is wallpaper, then, picture is often chosen with flowers, if wood, then light. In some European countries, for contrasting of walls, they use bright colors or contrasts of top and bottom of wall. Sometimes they complement such decor by a curb or stucco. In country style you can use unpainted wood or beams of the same level for ceiling. The European style allows whitewashing of ceiling.

country decorating ideas, ceiling and wall design in country style

So for floor in interior of country, choose natural parquet of light tones of rough processing. For modern styles parquet should be perfectly smooth without sharp drop in tones. A large number of knots, chipped pieces, wood pattern will be trendy.

country decorating ideas, trendy colors of country interior design

Also, furniture for country decorating ideas is easy to pick up, it is important that it was right shape, without asymmetrical attacks, curves. It must be made of natural materials only. For many, country style is associated with wicker furniture. More often it is wide chairs or armchairs, couches, and rocking chairs. For veranda or summer garden pendant benches and hammocks are in trend. Thus, for the European country style, furniture is mostly chosen from genuine leather.

country decorating ideas, furniture in country style

An indispensable condition in all types of country style is a high level of comfort. Textiles are necessarily natural, designers tend to chintz, linen, any cotton cloth.

As for small elements of interior, these are objects of applied art, clay or wooden utensils, flower pots, barrels, vases from simple glass. Naturally, heavy antique furniture is not suitable for country style, you need to be more selective. Professionals advise giving preference to simple wooden furniture items.

country decorating ideas,interior design ideas in country style

Country decorating ideas: stylish tips

It is better to dig in grandmother’s chest, look for country decorating ideas: different bedspreads, rugs, embroidered towels, cans and other elements that will make interior of room unique.

Don’t use heavy candelabra, crystal pendant chandeliers, massive lamps.

Also, professionals advise using plastic or glass colored beads in tone to other accessories in room. If possible, it is better to install a stove or fireplace in the room.

country decorating ideas, fireplace in country interior design

Don’t stress windows with heavy textile drapery or complex pattern. It will be enough to have short curtains made of cotton fabric with simple pattern. Fabric can also decorate walls in the area of bed or sofa. Country as an interior style appeared in the late nineteenth century. The style of country is self-sufficient, although it itself is a component for many other styles, for example, for style of shabby-chic or art deco to some extent.

country decorating ideas, fashionable curtains in country style

To some extent, country style is ethnic, because it partially reflects characteristics of a particular culture. So in country style, there are several varieties, and only owner chooses what is close to him in spirit:  the western ranch, the Russian hut, the American cottage or the Russian country house. The most important thing is to combine modern technologies and subjects of past epochs so that it is not noticeable, but softness, sophistication, and rustic coziness in interior remain.

country decorating ideas, bedroom interior design in country style

country decorating ideas, living room in country interior design

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