Christmas decorations 2019: decor ideas and solutions for Christmas day

New Year remains for us a little tale expected by the whole world, a little hope for a new, with a smell of mandarins and fireworks. Each family begins to prepare in advance, planning lists of guests, menus, gifts for loved ones and relatives. The decor of the house, decoration, and planning of the Christmas tree, the symbol of the holiday, is no less important in preparing for the upcoming holiday. A successful combination of New Year’s decorations and a good mood is the key to the New Year’s atmosphere in the house. If in your plans to decorate your house in an original, atmospheric and cozy way, then take on this important matter right now and learn about Christmas decorations 2019 in our article.

Christmas decorations 2019, stylish decors and solutions for Christmas day

Christmas decorations 2019: table decoration

Prepare a notebook and plan your actions, add sketches for future scenery, notes, a list of necessary things for preparation. And after you get all the materials that you have at home, and proceed, immediately break into the preparation of the most original Christmas decorations 2019 for the house.

The decoration of the New Year’s table can’t be only with tablecloths, napkins and beautiful dishes, candles and so on. Decoration, from which your visitors will be delighted is New Year’s gaiters for the table.

Christmas decorations 2019, table decoration, table with shoes

Such beauty can be searched both in shops. And it can be sewn itself from bright threads and felt fabric. Shoes can be filled with foam rubber or cotton wool.

By the way, napkins with New Year’s drawings you can buy in stores. You can make the fabric embroider simple patterns by yourself. For example, a Christmas tree, a twig or a wish for the New Year. The same applies to tablecloths, store shelves are full of variety. But don’t be afraid to try to make the decoration of the table yourself.

Christmas decorations 2019: what about candles?

Burning candles on New Year’s Eve are a symbol of warmth. And if you don’t have a fireplace, then a burning candle is an integral decoration of the upcoming holiday. Cones can become a beautiful candlestick if you cut out their tops, make room for the diameter of the candle, and decorate the remaining scales with sequins.

Christmas decorations 2019, decorations of Christmas day candlesTry to paste the sides of candles with cinnamon, a pleasant smell will be guaranteed! Tie a candle around a bow or string, don’t forget bright glitters or sprinkles.

Knitted candles

Knitted candles can also be a cozy decor for a holiday. They can also be varied with drawings or embroideries with deer, Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations 2019. But be careful and do not forget about fire safety.

Christmas decorations 2019, knitted candles, candles with cinnamon

Christmas decorations 2019: stylish Christmas wreath

What other Christmas decorations 2019 ideas we have? To your guests imbued with the New Year’s atmosphere from the very threshold, decorate your front door with a wreath. It will be easy to make it, and it will take quite a bit to create it. Spruce branches or pine, cones, glue, and a variety of satin ribbons.

Christmas decorations 2019, decoration of Christmas day with wreaths

The basis for a wreath you can easily create from cardboard, foam rubber and even a bent twig of pine. Thuja on the wire will be an excellent future Christmas wreath. Arrange cones of different sizes, add bright sequins, bows, small Christmas balls, bells, give vent to your imagination. And for the snow-covered effect of your wreath, cover it with silver paint from a can.The finished wreath can be hung not only on the door but also above the fireplace, above the door in the rooms, on the walls, and on the shelves, even on the windows. Give the passersby the atmosphere of the holiday and the fairy tale.

Christmas decorations 2019, fashionable Christmas wreaths handmade

Christmas decorations 2019: fashionable solutions

New Year garlands can also be made from improvised materials. The same cones of different sizes and strong thread can turn into a Christmas decorations 2019 that will look great on the shelves, over the fireplace, and on the window. You can decorate bumps both for a carbon paper, and each in different ways. For example, add to each bump a brilliant sprinkling of different colors. Varied garlands can be sweets, small balls, twigs or figures of deer.

Christmas decorations 2019, garlands of Christmas day handmade

Santa’s hats

An excellent decoration for chairs can serve Santa’s hats which will look very touching. Just cut out a couple of triangles and tighten them on the backs. If you have time, then except the caps, you can try to make Christmas trees, gift boxes, deer and stuff. What will your fantasy tell you?

Christmas decorations 2019, chair decoration for Christmas day

Obviously, the cut paper snowflakes and silhouette, one of the simplest ornaments for the home. But, what about the origami colored paper? Red, white and green sheets can with a few folds and cuts to turn into balls. Christmas trees and other themed ornaments that you can decorate all the way up to the tree.

Christmas decorations 2019, Christmas day chair handmade decoration

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