Children room design: fashionable ideas for children room interior design


Children’s room should be safe, bright and versatile because kids grow fast. Here are interesting solutions, useful tips, and many photo ideas for children room design.

children room design, best trends and ideas for children room interior design

Usually, children room design is colorful: bright rugs, walls with drawings, curtains with a large print. But sometimes parents forget that colors affect the psyche of a child. Some shades soothe, others, on the contrary, give the body a shake.

children room design, colors in children room interior design

The rules are as follows:

  • Give up the heavy colors that give you depression and oppression. It’s about purple, black, dark brown.
  • If the child is inactive, choose yellow, orange and even red. The latter, however, very dosed, in the form of interior elements.
  • If baby can’t calm down for a long time and fall asleep, light shades of green, blue, pink are ideal.
  • In the design of nursery can be used up to three colors. The main background should ideally be calm, neutral.

children room design, trendy colors in children room design

On light walls, you can make drawings with the help of stencils, diversify them with all sorts of stickers, use bright decor.

Children’s room, if the area allows, it is best to zonate. For bedroom is suitable calm, pastel colors. And in play area bright colors are suitable. When baby grows up, equip also training zone: for mental activity is good yellow.

children room design, drawings on walls in children room designAnd remember: if you spend money on a princess room with a lock and a pink bed, in a couple of years the daughter may demand that all of this be removed.

Children room design: stylish ideas

All children try themselves as an artist. And often not in albums, but on the walls is much more interesting and convenient. That is why walls of children’s room are best painted (not with oil, but with water-based paint), but not with wallpaper: after artistic period has passed, it will be easier to bring interior in order.

children room design, lighting ideas in children room design

A good option is to allocate a whole wall (or part of it) specifically for art. Nail to it a large slate, on which you can draw with chalk. This is a great idea for children room design.

In kids’ room, there must be at least three light sources located at different levels: a large bright chandelier, a night lamp above the bed, additional lamps in playing and training areas. Ideal are floor lamps with adjustable brightness.

children room design, curtains design in children room interior design

Curtains in child’s room should be as light and air as possible. Refuse dense blinds, dark, heavy (even beautiful) curtains. Strengthen cornice, taking into account that child can pull curtains on himself and drop them: structure must withstand its weight.

The bed can be sliding. For older children, a good choice is a two-tiered structure. It saves space (on the ground floor you can put a table or equip a game zone) and is interesting for a child who likes to get somewhere.

children room design, two-tiered bed in children room design

Children room design:  trendy tips and tricks

Furniture should not be much in children room design. Bulky shelving for toys replaces with bags or small boxes, which can be stacked on top of each other. Add to this a small wardrobe for things, a table with a chair for classes, several wall shelves for small items, souvenirs and treasures of child and a large mirror. This set will be enough.

children room design, furniture ideas in children room design

If space allows, you can arrange a mini-gym in the room, hang a swing, set a small slide.

All materials for children should be environmentally friendly. For the floor, if possible, choose a coating that will make it warm and non-slip (cork, laminate). In playing area, place a carpet with a short nap and a base of natural material (jute).

children room design, mini-gym in children room interior design

Make a nook where the child can hide. It can be a tent, a tepee, a corner, fenced off by a curtain, with cushions on the floor. Arrange a cozy place for reading: a soft chair-bag or a hanging chair, a wide window-sill behind the curtain.

children room design, stylish design ideas in children room design

Turn the bed into something unusual. If kid goes to bed with a fight, make an art object from his bed. For example, house where he will feel like a hero of a fairy tale.

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