Boys bedroom wallpaper: top styles of wallpaper for boys bedroom design


Creating an interior for a boy is not a slight goal even for a proficient designer, and it often puts a stall on ordinary parents. What kind of boys bedroom wallpaper to choose, and how to create a verily cozy atmosphere: we will talk about these issues.

boys bedroom wallpaper, best styles of wallpaper for boys bedroom

Boys bedroom wallpaper: stylish styles

Wallpaper is still sought-after way of decoration, due to its suitability, wide choice and simplicity of gluing. Even people who have minimal experience in repairing and decorating rooms can decorate walls with wallpaper. But what boys bedroom wallpaper to choose?


The most common option is solid wallpaper. Also, you can give a highlight with an unusual texture, simulating, for example, cloth or stone. Role of bright accents will be played by textiles, and a multi-level light will allow diversifying atmosphere.

boys bedroom wallpaper, single-tone wallpaper in boys bedroom

With an image

In boy’s room, geometric ornaments, stripes, and stars will be appropriate. If child is fascinated by something concrete, you can select thematic drawing in accordance with his interests.

boys bedroom wallpaper, wallpaper with an image for boys bedroom


The most beneficial option is layout of two or more types of drawing on walls.You can paste one wall with monophonic wallpaper, or select it using a dynamic pattern. Wallpaper-companions should be from same material and alike texture.

boys bedroom wallpaper, combination of wallpaper styles for boys bedroom

If interests of boy are focused on a narrower subject – for example, culture of a distinct country or on one computer game, it’s easy to pick up wallpaper.

Boys bedroom wallpaper: stylish themes

Sea style

Creating an out-and-outer interior in marine style is not so tough. Suitable boys bedroom wallpaper colors are white, blue shades, and also reminiscent of texture and tree pattern. You can retrieve options with sea symbols (anchors, ropes, lifebuoys, steering wheels).

boys bedroom wallpaper, sea style wallpaper in boys bedroom design

High tech

If your son is almost a computer genius, then room in hi-tech style will certainly please him. Better to choose monochrome wallpaper. Color can be any, up to poisonous shades.

boys bedroom wallpaper, hi-tech style wallpaper in boys bedroom design


Decorate walls with brickwork or cement. Also, you can choose curtains and other textiles with bright pictures in style of comic books or pictures of pop art.

The most advantageous are interiors, in which designers use one bright accent. Three walls of calm beige color, and the fourth is in sunny yellow or turquoise.

boys bedroom wallpaper, loft style wallpaper in boys bedroom design

In small rooms, you should avoid dark wallpaper, it will only increase feeling of tightness. At a low ceiling, choose a vertical arrangement of a drawing or a pattern, it visually lifts it.

Boys bedroom wallpaper: which to choose

We should talk about which type of boys bedroom wallpaper is in trend.

Paper is the most budgetary version of wallpaper. Such wallpaper can serve as a canvas for your originative child.

boys bedroom wallpaper, paper wallpaper in boys bedroom design

Non-woven or vinyl is also in trend. You can easily glue paper side to the wall. Wallpaper without this layer is more durable, better hide unevenness of walls.

boys bedroom wallpaper, vynil wallpaper in boys bedroom design

You can apply liquid wallpaper like plaster, and after drying form a dense surface without nodes. You can easily fix damages by simply covering area with mixture.

boys bedroom wallpaper, liquid wallpaper in boys bedroom design

Cork wallpaper is not only a nuty design rede but also excellent heat and sound insulation of the teen’s room.

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