Boho home decor: best trends and design ideas in boho interior design


Catchy colors and smell of spices from Moroccan market, ethnic motives, and easy negligence are just some of features of amazing and bright Boho style that unites European bohemian life and oriental flavor. Name alludes to bohemian relaxation, ease and gypsy merriment, style of hippies and Woodstock meets here with exoticism of hot countries. Thus this unusually bright and individual style will allow you to give your house unique character and mood and will delight you with gray winter days. So let’s see what boho home decor ideas are in fashion.

boho home decor, best trends and design ideas in boho interior design

Boho home decor reflects bright creative nature of owner of dwelling, his emotional life, and freedom-loving character. Its main feature is unpredictability. There are several main directions of this style:

Classic Boho: neutral natural shades and ethnic outlines are trendy. Also, it uses classical furniture and traditional textiles. So, restrained furnishings of room with bright spots and unusual color combinations are in fashion.

boho home decor, boho classic style, boho hippie style

Boho hippies: interior of this room is in bright colors and catchy ornaments. So use of large quantity of textiles from lace, fringe and flower patterns, is in trend.

Ecological boho: at the heart of eco-style are natural materials. For decoration of walls, use paper wallpapers, furniture is made of wood, glass or metal, as facing material, stone, tile, and brick are in trend. In ecological boho use of cotton tablecloths, ceramic dishes, and glass lamps are in fashion.

boho home decor, fashionable boho ecological style

Thus highlight of this interior is large windows with wooden frame with many home plants at different heights.

Boho home decor: other trendy styles

Luxurious boho: in this interior interesting textures and various decorative objects are in trend. So rainbow colors are interwoven with natural colors in boho home decor. Luxurious boho creates positive mood and attracts attention. The most courageous experimenters can apply it even in bathroom. A patterned carpet, openwork curtain, and crystal chandelier are able to change bathroom beyond recognition.

boho home decor, luxurious boho style, glamorous boho style

Glamorous Boho: vintage furniture combined with luxurious accessories looks stylish and exquisite.

Decorate metal candelabra with rhinestones and pendants, and silk cushions will be wonderful decoration of old carved armchairs.

What kind of furniture is suitable for Boho style?

This is primarily large and comfortable sofas, which should not have rigid forms. After all, focus of this style is rounded forms and colored pieces of furniture, which not only fulfill functional role but are also an excellent decoration of the apartment. And, of course, Boho style is impossible without padded stools!

What color suits the style of the Boho?

Choice of colors here plays a huge role. Basic nuances are warm colors and colors of the earth: black, brown, beige, olive or khaki. These colors perfectly match with silver, gold, mustard, rust and purple colors. It is better to use maximum of three or four colors in one interior.

boho home decor, stylish colors in eco interior design trends

Boho home decor: trendy materials

So what materials are typical of boho home decor?

Wicker bowls and chests, chairs and covers on sofa made of linen and other natural materials such as wood, silk, and leather.

Interior in style of Boho is filled with all sorts of textiles: pillows, carpets and rugs, curtains and bedspreads. Also, pillows lined with ruffles or tied with crochet create romantic mood, and baubles complete interior in style of boho.

boho home decor, pillows and carpets in boho home decor

How to create interior in Bohemian style?

Boho style differs in that it doesn’t have strict rules for formation, limitations, requirements for materials and textures.

boho home decor, stylish chair swing in boho home decor

Wicker-chair swing or denim hammock are main keys of style. At the same time, the cost of acquiring these items can be small.

Unexpected decor is only welcome: lace inserts on jeans background, linen with fur appliques, beaded embroidery on leather details. Thus, such bright joyful pillows will create an atmosphere of easy carelessness and fun.

boho home decor, fashionable pillows in boho home decor ideas

boho home decor, stylish design ideas in boho interior trends

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