Vintage dining room: top trends and tips for dining room in vintage style


Vintage dining room is a great idea for self-expression through design. These are bright colors, magnificent patterns, from geometric to floral, and, of course, space full of individuality and energy. Vintage is an unmistakable choice. This style is gaining popularity in last few years, which can easily be explained by cyclical nature of fashion. However, breathing this lively shine into your home decor can be difficult, especially for generation that grew up in era of simplicity of the 90s, when principles of the most functional design prevailed. Let’s find out vintage design trends for dining room.

vintage dining room, top trends and tips for vintage dining room design

Vintage dining room: how to turn room into a vintage dining room?

Dining room is a good place to start developing vintage design. At thought of diner in this style, smile involuntarily appears on face, even if he was born much later than the 60s and 70s. Vintage dining room with elements of modernity is escape from dullness of ordinary everyday life.

  1. Back to the 60’s!

Iconic image of the sixties and seventies, imprinted in minds of generations by Hollywood and television, is a large dining table with a jukebox in background, which is surrounded by a riot of colors. Authentic style will also add colorful accessories and armchairs. To create a similar dining room 2018 is great idea for everyone, including for studios owners.

vintage dining room, back to 60s vintage style of dining room

  1. Originality in everything

Bold background is a must for any room in vintage interior design. The more daring your choice is, the better! Wallpapers in vintage style won’t only add color, but also visually expand room, and can also help to genuinely delineate space in residential area of open type. As for assortment, everything is limited only by your imagination!

vintage dining room, wallpaper in vintage interior design 2018

Vintage dining room: stylish tips

  1. Geometric patterns

Taking its roots in the middle of century, geometric ornament is still relevant, especially when it comes to vintage dining room. In the 60’s there was a transition to less clear patterns and floral motifs, and in combination with authentic geometric print, they will create something amazing. Accents can be not only on wallpaper or curtains: plates, checkered tablecloths, and armchairs attract as much attention.

vintage dining room, geometry in vintage interior design of dining room

vintage dining room, curtains in vintage dining room design

  1. Simplicity of the fifties

One of today’s trends is desire to decorate a dining room in style of the mid-twentieth century, adding only pinch of vintage style. Design of the fifties brings order to vintage interior design, thanks to its straight lines and uncomplicated forms. To find a compromise between two worlds is possible, for example, by placing in background a bright sideboard or chest of drawers, while rigor and simplicity will occupy main position.

vintage dining room, simplicity of vintage dining room

Vintage dining room: create your own style

Idea of creating vintage dining room in an already existing canteen implies more change of several elements rather than complete switching of styles. This means that you can combine several directions at once. By adding vintage style accessories to a rustic or industrial interior, you will not only be able to return to original design at any time, but also allow dining room to harmoniously blend in with other living spaces at no particular cost.

vintage dining room, mixed styles in vintage interior design of dining room

Here a somewhat different order decorating tables and chairs for vintage style. Purposeful here is wood carving, use of fabrics, leather with or without rivets and other elements that make furniture even more refined than simple and one-color options. Such furnishings resemble dining rooms or furniture from some castle.

vintage dining room, accessories in vintage dining room design

Tables should have carved legs, often made of natural wood of all breeds and colors. Here very relevant light and dark woods, as well as rounded forms of tables. Wonderful chairs can also have carved backs and some leg sections, as well as fabric upholstery. Many like color upholstery with small pattern in color on a light field. Chairs can be either with high backs or with low backs. So, are you ready for a stunning vintage style in your dining room?

vintage dining room, tables and chairs in vintage dining room design

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