Dining room trends 2019: best trends, colors of dining room design

The dining room as a substantive room, intended solely for meals, was an attribute of an aristocratic mansion several centuries ago. Thus, it is a miscellaneous room: it can exist as a particular room and be a full-fledged section of the kitchen, living room or combined space. However, the interior becomes comfortable if you keep functional zoning and emphasize the integrity of decorative techniques. Let’s find out dining room trends 2019 and choose the appropriate style.

dining room trends 2019, fashionable trends and colors of dining room design

We should consider some topic questions of dining room trends 2019 in our article. The best variant of location is next to the living room, it is logical to place between them not a door, but an open doorway. If the living room is more than 60-70 square meters, and you don’t have many guests, you can choose the «American option». That is a living-dining room in a private house, although, it will be a kind of compromise. But it is preferable that the dining room 2019 still be a separate room, decorated with a special charm.

dining room trends 2019, dining room interior design tips and tricks

The dimensions of the dining room can be calculated quite simply. Simply focus on the dining table’s dimensions.

For a comfortable accommodation of 8-12 people, only a table with chairs can occupy about 6 sq.m. Add the possibility of free passage, about 6 square meters, and the area occupied by the rest of the furniture. Get the minimum area of the dining room about 15-16 sq.m.

dining room trends 2019, dining room interior design ideas

In the case when the dining room is united with the kitchen plan, the zones are divided into a working area (for cooking) and lunch. Nevertheless, kitchen dining in a private house has a semantic center: a dining group consisting of a table and chairs. If you choose a classic variant, the table must be a three-dimensional one, from an array of trees. In up-to-date dining room trends 2019, glass tables with chrome or wooden legs and also with the precious leather finishing look spectacular.

dining room trends 2019, kitchen-dining room interior design

The kitchen-dining room design in the house influences the table’s shape choice: for the classics of virtually any direction, a rectangle or circle is preferable. However, modern types of tables have a greater dispersion. That is from a minimalistic strict rectangle to a complex shape in exquisite glamour.

The dining room kitchen interior assumes accompanying furniture use:

a cupboard for storing dishes, table textiles and appliances,

showcases for beautiful items of serving and collectibles,

cantilever tables for placing ornaments,

serving trolleys for moving food and dishes,

additional chairs if a dining table is laid out.

dining room trends 2019, furniture in dining room design

This is a traditional kit, which is included in the kitchen dining room layout. Purchase all items from one collection or, at a minimum, in the exact harmony of styles.

In one room can be located and a dining group, and recreation area. This is called the «American option»: the dining room and living room are in one very large room (at least 70-80 square meters).

Make a choice in favor of English style or country. Furthermore, subtle twists of modernism and rococo emphasize the effeminate character of the interior. Thanks to massive furniture in the Empire or Classicism spirit, the living-dining room will acquire a strict parade.

dining room trends 2019, trendy styles of dining room design

The colors of the warm range are the most optimal variant for the dining-living room interior in the house. Thereby, they look soft, raise the spirit, facilitate communication and look perfect with dishes served on the table.

Saturation shades are in dining room trends 2019, such as from vanilla yellow and cream to terracotta and muted Bordeaux.

dining room trends 2019, saturated colors, warm colors of dining room design

The classic version of the coating for walls is wallpaper with a traditional pattern: flowers and a strip. Especially elegant is the repetition of the same template on curtains, upholstery of chairs and tablecloth.

Therewith Venetian stucco looks more festive and looks marvelous for dining rooms of at least 40 sqm with high ceilings and large windows.

dining room trends 2019, interior design with flower wallpaper

Regardless of the time at which your family or guests prefer to gather in your dining room, there should always be a lot of light, preferably a diverse one. The dining room trends 2019 in a house combines:

  • chic chandelier over the table,
  • local lighting in cabinets,
  • table lamps in a decorative composition or on a coffee table,
  • and for connoisseurs: a refined decorative lighting, imitating a candlelight evening.

The best dining room 2019 decorations are mirrors, paintings and artfully lit display cases with luxury dishes of famous brands or rare specimens.

dining room trends 2019, lighting tips for dining room interior design

No less spectacular option are exquisite stained-glass windows as inserts on door leaves, partitions, and cabinet facades. A more original solution is niches with illumination and carefully selected compositions in them.

dining room trends 2019, dining room design with stained glass

With enough space, combine the dining room not only with the kitchen but also with living room.

Ways to create a harmonious space:

  • uniform color scale,
  • common elements of decor,
  • general floor covering.

dining room trends 2019, dining wall design, tips and tricks

For monochrome walls, choose different colors. Apply a single textured finish (wood, stone) or wallpaper over the wallpaper with different shades, but with the same template.

The shapes and colors of the upholstered dining room kitchen furniture in the house depend on the chosen style.

dining room trends 2019, dining room design ideas 2019

We hope the topic helped to single out which style and shade for your dining room 2019 is perfect.  These are the most important secrets of creating a dining room in which you and your environment will enjoy not only the joint meal but also the luxury of communication.

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