Double bed design 2019: top trendy styles and tips for double bed ideas

What is ideal bedroom of your dreams? You can dream about any space and its design, but, for sure, central place in it will be large bed. Double beds are the best option for sleeping furniture. Let’s talk about double bed design 2019.

double bed design 2019, top stylish styles and tips for bed design 2019

Double bed design 2019: stylish tips

Their main advantage lies in fact that by choosing suitable bed frame, you can choose softer or more rigid mattress that will take into account anatomical features of body structure. This will reduce burden on back, allow you to fully relax during sleep.

double bed design 2019, stylish tips for bed design ideas

Variety of materials, colors, and shapes of double bed design 2019 can satisfy any aesthetic needs and gives furniture decorative function.

Double bed dimensions

Sizes of double beds can be standard and non-standard. European standards are width of 180-200 cm at 200-210 cm of length of mattress, the most common option is 180 × 200 cm. You should be aware that American standards differ slightly and are expressed in other units of measurement.

double bed design 2019, tips for dimensions of bed

Double bed materials

Double beds involve three main types of materials:

Wood is undoubtedly considered to be the most health-friendly, kind and noble raw material for making furniture. Wood is submissive for classic, country and modern styles of interior decoration.

double bed design 2019, materials for bed design 2019

In production of beds is widely used chipboard. Thus appearance of high-quality plate can skillfully imitate wood, and fortress of such furniture can’t be inferior to wooden one.

Iron beds differ in strength, practicality, and aesthetics. Also depending on design, metal bed can become ornament of any bedroom.

Double bed design 2019: design ideas

We will try to systematize double bed design 2019 assortment on several criteria:

Upholstery and headboard

Basically, double beds are produced without upholstery, but they are made completely soft and models are only with soft headboard. As for the latter, it’s possible to choose variant with headboard or without it. So material, size, shape and, in general, availability of this part will depend on overall design of bed. At the same time, headboard is one of its parts, the most attracting attention, and thus setting certain tone.

double bed design 2019, upholstery and headboard for bed design

Storage space

Depending on availability of additional storage facilities, there are three types of beds:

  • ordinary double bed
  • double bed with lifting mechanism
  • double bed with drawers.

double bed design 2019, beds with storage space

The first type is bed on legs, under which there are no storages. Thus if desired, you can buy separately special boxes of wood or chipboard, designed to store things. These, for example, are in catalogs of IKEA furniture.

Double bed with lifting mechanism means that bottom of bed is closed to floor, frame with lamellas and mattress is lifted, and entire interior space, usually divided by partition in half, you can use to place blankets, bedspreads, bed linens and whatever you want.

double bed design 2019, double bed with lift up mechanism

Double bed design 2019: bed-transformer double

Given needs of modern man in increased functionality of furniture and increased space saving, there was such thing as bed-transformer. So double bed with ability to transform can be of several types, for example:

  • bed-wardrobe allows you to store sleeper in upright position; when you need to sleep, it’s a full bed with orthopedic mattress, when you need space, just closed cabinet doors;

double bed design 2019, stylish bed transformer

  • round beds often represent two or four segments joined by special staples or ribbons; when you need to sleep, it’s enough to put mattress on top when you need to free up space, hide mattress and disconnect fixtures;
  • pull-out double bed can be hidden in catwalk or furniture wall, and even as option for rooms with high ceiling, suspended at height.

And this isn’t all possible options. For example, another idea for height lovers is stationary double bed-loft.

double bed design 2019, fashionable double bed loft

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