Boys room design: 4 best themes and trends for boys room interior design

Boys room is a huge world that becomes a place for realization of bold boyish fantasies! Room for boy, first of all, should be spacious and functional. We are used to giving children a small room in our house. And we do it in vain! Who, like children, needs a place for running around, jumping and fantasy. Let’s speak about boys room design.

boys room design, 4 main themes and trends for boys room interior design

Boys room design: trendy ideas

When it comes to boys room design, it is better to rely on a modern style of interior. Boys are not romantic as girls! They rather like designer lighting on the ceiling than pretentiousness of classical furniture.

Marine theme

Pirates, submarines, ships, and cabin is a win-win design solution for decorating the room. If your kid is inclined to adventure, is fond of marine themes, then such a room will suit him. Main color of room is blue and all its shades.

Globes, maps, ropes, flags, a round watch-wheel, a chest for toys will look trendy.

boys room design, marine theme for boys room design

Nature, travel

Nature theme will be suitable for children of any gender. This topic is recommended for a room of 2 children.

Main color of room is neutral shades: beige, blue, green, yellow.

Accessories in room should be large houseplants, bright animal photos, aquarium, yellow color.

boys room design, nature theme in boys room interior design

boys room design, travel theme in boys room interior design

Sports theme

If an athlete grows in your house, use sports theme. Red, white will be stylish for this theme. Accessories are a boxing pear, sports corner, diplomas in frames, posters with athletes-idols.

boys room design, sports theme in boys room interior design

Technique style

Each boy will have his hobby: cars, trains, planes, spaceships, tanks. The one who loves railway, for sure will please bed-locomotive. Accessories in room are great toys, bright posters, self-made wooden models of technology.

boys room design, plain bed, car bed in boys room interior design

Multi-functional furniture will help relieve the room. This is a chair-bed, and a sofa-bed, and a multi-functional corner sofa, and beds that leave from cabinets or from walls, and folding table, and book table, and much more.

boys room design, sofa bed, stylish bookshelves in boys room design

Upholstered furniture is also suitable for boys room design: it is ergonomic and extremely simple framed, shape repeats contours of the body, backrest can recline, seat is spinning. Upholstery is usually underlined ascetic: main thing is that it doesn’t get dirty. We know that boys are mischievous!

boys room design, upholstered furniture in boys room design

To maximize room for boy, minimize furniture, replacing them with built-in closets, bed drawers and light racks.

Boys room design: sports corner

On the free from the same cumbersome furniture space, you can install a sports corner or simply lay a soft carpet for children’s games. Cost of such an interior, of course, will vary depending on your desires and possibilities, but it can become a real part of boys room design.

Don’t impose your style on the boy. Your dreams can only suggest main direction in design of the room. Main design elements should reflect interests of your child.

boys room design, sports corner in boys room interior design

Therefore, main rule when creating a room for a small boy is security. In the room for small boys shouldn’t be sharp corners and drawers, dangerous for little fingers.

If your boy is approaching school or teenage age, then take care of safety, and provide basic design solutions to the child.

boys room design, decor ideas in boys room interior design

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