Boys bedroom ideas: top styles and colors for boys bedroom design


A bedroom is a place from which children begin to learn the world, develop and form as individuals. All elements must be relevant, interesting and pleasant. Let’s consider boys bedroom ideas.

boys bedroom ideas, top styles and colors in boys bedroom ideas

Boys bedroom ideas: which style to use?

The use of a certain style will help to correctly create a design, as well as fit it into overall image of apartment. Consider the most popular boys bedroom ideas.

Modern style

In such an interior, you can enter interesting furniture of unusual shape (for example, in form of a typewriter), walls with photo wallpapers, bright colors. In this case, toys and equipment look harmonious, being a continuation of design of room.

boys bedroom ideas, modern style in boys bedroom design ideas

Furniture is functional, comfortable, without extra decor and details. Actually look multi-level one-piece sets that combine several zones at once: for sleep, entertainment, and study.

Space style

Of course, this is not Futurism, but rather its more primitive imitation with active introduction of space themes. The usual curtain ceiling with a starry sky, a few luminous globes and toy spaceships will look very interesting.

boys bedroom ideas, space style in boys bedroom design ideas

Pop art style

This style fits well in the room of a young comic book lover or video games. Bright colors, stylized posters, and pictures, outrageous figures: your child will be delighted with such space. The main thing is not to overdo it with paints. Geometric shapes fit perfectly into space.

boys bedroom ideas, pop art style in boys bedroom design ideas

Boys bedroom ideas: trendy colors

We select color scale

At a young age, coloristic plays an important role in formation of character, so for educational purposes, it is better to focus on cold palette in boys bedroom ideas.



Blue to saturated marine is in trend. This color is not in vain considered the most popular solution for boys: it positively affects them, helps to calm and balance.

boys bedroom ideas, blue bedroom in boys bedroom design ideas

In addition, blue is associated with the sea, dark colors are with the cosmos, and this is perfect for the thematic interior of children’s room. It is better if this is dominant color since in combination with bright colors the soothing effect is simply leveled.


Another optimal option that will help instill child’s love of nature. A natural, aesthetic color will create a calming atmosphere in interior of nursery, especially if you combine it with white or brown.

boys bedroom ideas, green bedroom in boys bedroom design ideas


Serious presentable color that will help a child feel like an adult. Gray shade is well combined with other options, balancing them. In order not to make such a design of children’s room for boy impersonal, add interesting pieces of furniture, paintings or posters to the walls, and fill the space with natural light.

boys bedroom ideas, gray bedroom in boys bedroom design ideas

Boys bedroom ideas: tips and tricks


Boys under 6 years spend a lot of time on the floor, where they learn to walk or play typewriters. The coating should be smooth, but not slippery, resilient and easily cleanable. The habitual parquet loses by the last parameter, as dirt is often clogged in crevices between boards, from where it is difficult to clean it in usual ways.

A universal and environmentally friendly option in boys bedroom ideas is marmoleum, which has high aesthetic properties.

boys bedroom ideas, wall design and floor design in boys bedroom design ideas


The wall covering should be easy to wash and replace. This is due to dynamically changing tastes of child, who in time will want a different design.

In this case, wallpaper will be suitable. Thus only give priority to eco-friendly options, like paper, liquid or eco-wallpaper.

boys bedroom ideas, stylish ideas for boys bedroom interior design


A simple white ceiling, even with small irregularities, remains universal option for any interior. More interesting will look like a stretch ceiling with a starry or cloudy sky.

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