Black bedroom ideas: best ideas and designs for black bedroom design

For the last few years, black color for bedroom design is considered fashionable, it allows giving room originality with right combination with other colors. If you choose dark palette, then it’s best to contact specialists, since there are many nuances and rules for its application. Let’s consider advantages and disadvantages of black bedroom ideas.

black bedroom ideas, best ideas and designs for black bedroom design

Black bedroom ideas: how to create bedroom design in black?

Apply bright lighting and decor

Here are some black bedroom ideas. Dark background will brilliantly highlight beauty of your lamps and collection of decor. In turn, white bed linens, cornices, plinths, glossy decor and good lighting will make your black bedroom very friendly and playful. Black wallpapers give room much more than just color. They give walls some very special streamlining and fashionable touch.

black bedroom ideas, bright lighting and stylish decors for black bedroom

Go beyond the walls

To make a bedroom in black it is not necessary to choose black wallpaper or paint for walls. Sometimes it is enough to apply wallpaper with black pattern, black ceiling or floor, dark furniture, curtains, bedding and appropriately pick up decor. This approach will help to give your bedroom refined and eclectic look.

black bedroom ideas, walls in black bedroom design 2018

Combine black with another bright tint

Do you like creative spaces? Then such an application of black color will be just perfect for you. Combine black with bright green, yellow, orange or red hue and your bedroom will look just stunning!

And don’t forget about use of shiny metal elements, mirrors and black and white photographs.

black bedroom ideas, black with combination of other colors

Black bedroom ideas: positive sides

Black bedroom ideas have a lot of positive aspects, which can include such factors:

Also black makes it possible to create dark atmosphere that promotes production of melatonin in human body, so it is much easier to fall asleep.  Thus black room looks original and can be used in different styles, for different purposes. Undesirable to use dark tones in design for quiet people, for whom main rule of organization of bedroom is coziness and restraint. Finishing in this color scheme looks very bold, spectacular, but only if bedroom has good artificial and natural lighting.

black bedroom ideas, stylish design ideas for black bedroom

As already mentioned, black requires careful attention during application. The first thing to do is to choose colors with which it will be combined. Following options are considered to be the best:

Black and white combination of tones

There must be white in design, in this case, bedroom will look stylish, but effect of gloom will not be created. Combination is suitable for style of minimalism, hi-tech, classic.

black bedroom ideas, black and white bedroom design 2018

Elements of gold shades

Combination of black-gold colors gives room a royal, rich, luxurious appearance. This is an ideal solution for bedroom in classic style, where solemnity of design is required.

black bedroom ideas, black and gold combination in black bedroom designs

Black bedroom ideas: stylish hues

Black color should not be combined with green, blue, brown. These colors are also considered dark, so room will look very gloomy. Suitable light colors are light green, beige, tender blue.

Active bright colors of palette in black bedroom ideas we refer to yellow, red, orange. They must act as accents in black interior of bedroom.

black bedroom ideas, red and black, orange and black in black bedroom ideas

Dark tone and gentle pink are in trend which is a pretty good combination of colors and suitable for woman’s bedroom, but only confident women will feel comfortable in it.

black bedroom ideas, black and purple bedroom design ideas

It is worth paying special attention to choice of black furniture. Best of all, if it will have mirror effect, that is, have glossy texture. This makes design not very gloomy, and if walls are executed in white, then make room visually a bit larger in size.

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