Bedroom trends 2019: top trends, colors and design ideas for bedroom

The coziest, quiet and intimate room in house is bedroom. When planning to renovate bedroom, the most important will be to keep balance, comfort and following trendy trends of interior design of bedrooms. Combine novelties of design and color palette, furniture, decor, accessories, and lighting in designs of modern bedrooms. We will talk about bedroom trends 2019. So let’s start!

bedroom trends 2019, top trends, colors and ideas for bedroom design

Slightly unusual novelty of bedroom trends 2019 design is abundance of gloss, mirrors and reflective surfaces in modern bedroom design 2019 that give effect of coolness. Restraint and calmness without too striking contrasts and a minimum of accents and unusual combinations are in trend. Perhaps it is influence of fashion trend of minimalist style: space, tranquility, and relaxation. Nothing in design of bedroom should distract mind, problems of day should be left behind these beautiful cool walls, calmly and joyfully gain strength, which will require new day.

bedroom trends 2019, minimalism design of bedroom 2019

An elegant paradox is smooth forms of furniture and cool air of pastel shades, almost aristocratic nobility, design of bedroom owes to minimalism which is one of the most unconventional and conceptual styles.

bedroom trends 2019, pastel colors in bedroom design 2019

Before choosing color scheme for modern bedroom, you should determine natural lighting of bedroom and orientation to sides of world. The southern and eastern sides give advantage in sunlight and possibility of using cool and cold palette of soft blue, mint shades, and glossy surfaces can add metallic luster. The north and west sides can’t give enough warm sunlight during day. So exclude cold range in bedroom design. Warm tones are necessary: using chocolate, whole range of beige and calm greens, you can get visual sensation of warm and comfortable bedroom.

Let’s see what bedroom trends 2019 are in fashion. Moreover, use monotonous wallpaper and paintings with small drawings in small bedrooms. Large-printed and bright wallpaper give visual narrowing of space, so don’t use it for small bedrooms.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom design with wallpaper

Illusion of high ceilings and free soaring perfectly gives stretch satin and glossy ceilings of white flowers. This design of ceiling doesn’t just coincide with fashionable bedroom decorating ideas, but also practical, because it hides all possible shortcomings of ceiling surfaces. Visual increase in height of ceiling achieved by applying gypsum board structure in two levels, with pronounced contrast of shadow and light in indentations.

bedroom trends 2019, ceiling design ideas for bedroom 2019

Original modern bedroom design 2019 can be created by combining shades with textures. Unconditional trend of bedroom design is decorative design of head of the bed. You can accentuate by different methods:

  • Apply wallpaper in shades that contrast with the main palette
  • Take wallpaper brightly-printed or attracting non-standard creativity
  • Hang modular picture, photo on headboard and arrange them in unusual frame

Nevertheless, you can apply the most diverse decor, and embody many fantasies and design ideas. Whatever size and design of bedroom, main lighting is necessary as a base, it should be diffuse and soft at will.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom ideas with wallpaper design

In order to create bedroom of your dreams, you can use a lot of stylistic directions. Thereby when choosing specific concept, you should be guided by bedroom trends 2019.

Classicism is noble luxury along with functional bedroom design. Decoration uses natural materials, furniture items are massive, color is mostly dark-natural.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom design in classic style

Provence stylistics has calm, comfortable and romantic temper. Only natural noble materials of gentle warm shades designers use here. Thus, decorate interior composition with floral prints, banquettes and cute dressing tables, traditional lighting fixtures.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom design in Provence style

Loft design combines industrial coarseness with smooth lines, retro decor with technological objects. Distinctive features are unfinished wall surfaces, practical furniture items, cold colors and large free space.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom design in loft style

We can distinguish high-tech style by saturation of cutting-edge technological objects and innovative developments. Also, multi-level lighting, mechanisms operating on control panel, the latest technical devices:  all these characterize high-tech stylistics.

bedroom trends 2019, bedroom design in high-tech style

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