Bedroom interior design 2019: top trends and styles for bedroom 2019

Bedroom as the most comfortable place in a modern house allows you to fully relax and distract yourself. In this room we spend a third of life. Therefore, in its arrangement, remember not only beauty and fashion trends of 2019 but also convenience for sleep and relaxation. Equip this room so that it harmonizes not only with general ensemble of house, but also with inner world of owners. Let’s find out bedroom interior design 2019 trends.

bedroom interior design 2019, top trends and styles in bedroom interior design 2019

There are many modern bedroom designs, including loft, classic and minimalism in bedroom interior design 2019. Their basis is practicality and comfort. For this purpose, various textures, decor, and color accents designers use that help to create coziness.

According to requirements of fashion 2019, a stylish bedroom is considered a room, interior of which is laconic and spacious, even with small dimensions of housing. Lightness is acquired with help of mirrors, light color scheme and sufficient lighting, and visually enlarged area: through multi-functional modules and furniture-transformer. Now ecological compatibility, natural coloring, and natural materials are in trend.

bedroom interior design 2019, stylish tips and tricks for bedroom interior design 2019

Fashion trends in bedroom interior 2019 suggest a minimalist style. If a room in high-tech style requires cold monochrome tones, then modern trend is a combination of art objects with functional objects.

Original items for decoration (lamps, textiles and other accessories) and simple shapes are in trend.

bedroom interior design 2019, trendy styles in bedroom interior design 2019

To achieve maximum relaxation and ensure a restful sleep, decorate interior in a natural light color. So bedroom with a similar finish allows you to pick up unusual furniture and original accessories, not focusing on style.

Bedroom interior design 2019: trendy styles

With balcony

Balcony advantageously increases bedroom, if you equip it as a dressing table or a place to work. This fashion trend is in bedroom interior design 2019.  If dwelling has small dimensions, it is worth dividing it into zones. Combining balcony with a large bedroom allows you to equip a working area or wardrobe. Even size of room does not hurt a few extra square meters. On the balcony you can place a bed, thus freeing up room for another use.

bedroom interior design 2019, stylish bedroom with balcony

Despite many advantages, combination of a bedroom and a balcony has some disadvantages:

  • Materials and facilities are needed for sound and noise insulation, as well as insulation of the balcony.
  • Plan for such an interior is only with a roomy balcony.

bedroom interior design 2019, fashionable bedroom with balcony

With wardrobe

Previously, under arrangement of dressing room were assigned only large rooms. Now designers use an open storage system, not involving purchase of sliding-door wardrobes. It is enough to distribute racks throughout height of room, so that in a small room to store clothes. You can show practicality and economy by hiding wardrobe behind curtains or behind a partition.

bedroom interior design 2019, stylish bedroom with wardrobe

Bedroom interior design 2019: trendy tips and tricks

With fireplace

The fireplace is a symbol of a homely, pleasant atmosphere. Modern technology allows you to put this piece of interior not only in homes but also in apartments. This trend is in bedroom interior design 2019 fashion. Most often fireplace is a part of living room, but skillful design will turn a bedroom into a romantic place. Thus the market includes electric, gas and false models. Fill artificial products with candles and logs. And on top of it is a shelf, suitable for vases, family photos, and other decoration items.

bedroom interior design 2019, stylish bedroom with fireplace

For minimalism, a transparent fireplace made of glass will perfectly serve. If you want to divide interior into zones, for example, to separate office from bed, use a partition with a built-in fireplace.

With a working place

This combination is the most popular among inhabitants of megacities and not only. You can zonate it so that you can work in a calm and quiet environment. Before installing in bedroom of workplace, separate these areas with a shelf, a cabinet or a partition.

bedroom interior design 2019, bedroom with working place

bedroom interior design 2019, stylish ideas for bedroom interior design 2019

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