Bedroom design 2019: stylish design ideas and solutions for bedroom 2019

A bedroom is a place reserved for rest, here we hide from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, gain strength, dream. That’s why we need to approach the furnishing of the bedroom with the understanding that the room should not only be fashionable and stylish, but also convenient and comfortable, to ensure we have a full rest. The actual bedroom design 2019 is just different in that it offers us functional solutions that are both original, practical and beautiful.


In recent years, all the fashion trends are imbued with the spirit of Eco-friendliness and minimalism, and the bedroom design 2019 is no exception.

One of the main fashion trends is simplicity. In the bedroom 2019, there should be as little furniture as possible.Only the most necessary: a bed, bedside tables, a dressing table with a mirror. There should be honored space, plenty of air and natural light. The furniture itself should also be laconic. Massive armchairs and cabinets, carvings, bent backs, and legs are all in the past. In fashion 2019 will be models with a high soft head, covered with fabric or leather.


Despite the external simplicity, luxury in a modern bedroom also has the right to exist. But it can manifest itself only in the use of expensive natural finishing materials. It can be stone, leather, Venetian plaster, glass or crystal, wood, exquisite fabrics. It is desirable that the furniture is also made of real wood.

One of the chips in 2019 is a game of textures. The combination of different materials and textures makes it possible to separate the space into functional zones.


Bedroom design 2019: tips and tricks

Most often, the creative approach to decorating the bedroom is manifested in the decoration of the walls. The most common material for this is wallpapers. For example, three walls can be covered with monophonic wallpaper, and a wall, near which the head of the bed is placed, is a wallpaper with a pattern. Modern high quality of three-dimensional printing allows you to visually expand the bedroom space, give a twist to the interior. It is worth noting that the accent wall is a fashion trend, and for its design can be used not only wallpaper but also brickwork, wall panels, textured plaster. You can tighten the wall with a cloth, trim with bamboo wallpaper, decorative stone. Finally, just paint it or even perform an artistic painting.


A popular finishing material is a wood. In 2019 it is used as a finishing material not only for the floor (boards, parquet) but also for walls and ceiling. This design makes the bedroom incredibly cozy and is ideal for all village styles. Lambrequins for the hall remains a fashionable and universal solution. But they must meet both the furniture and the general interior of the living room. If the natural wood for the floor for you is expensive, then a great replacement can be high-quality laminate. It looks no worse, but it is much cheaper. As for the ceiling, then there are promising to be stretch constructions, drywall, painted plaster.


Bedroom design 2019: stylish decors and shades

If you have decided on the choice of finishing materials. Then it’s time to think about other components, among which an important place is occupied by the color scale. Comfort and tranquility will bring beige and coffee range. Stylishly will look gray and all shades of white, olive. It is always interesting to mix a dark chocolate with a contrasting milk or vanilla.


As bright shades, sunny orange and yellow, purple, blue, green, cherry is in bedroom design 2019 fashion. It’s worth taking care of an interesting chandelier or other light sources because with their help you can create a romantic atmosphere. You will need additional decorative elements that will play the role of accents. It can be wall panels, paintings, photographs, watches, figurines. But they should not be much: just a couple of notable elements.


Bedroom design 2019: actual styles for the design of the bedroom

As we have already said, modesty and simplicity are in bedroom design 2019 fashion. It is quite understandable that the most demanded are minimalistic styles. Scandinavian style is famous for its ecological compatibility. It is characterized by an abundance of light and air, natural light wood, wicker interior items, linen curtains and woolen blankets.


High-tech is suitable for fans of futurism and technology. It has laconic, but non-standard forms, minimal decor, and textiles. Modern materials such as plastic, chrome-plated metal, glass, and also modern technology are in fashion. For example, climate control system, the most advanced video, and audio equipment.


Provence will certainly choose romantic natures. Pastel shades, floral motifs, pastoral themes, rough plaster or fragments of bleached brickwork. Antique or artificially aged furniture will take you to the atmosphere of the French province.


In addition to the Provence in the trend, other rural styles: English and American country, Russian, Alpine. In 2019, there will be no interest in Eastern culture. Japanese minimalism will be very popular. Never lost the relevance of time-tested modernism and classicism styles.

bedroom-design-2019-Japanese-style-in-bedroom-design-2019It has characteristics such as asymmetry, furniture of unusual shape, floral ornaments on wallpaper or textiles. Classic style means luxury and splendor, which is achieved by an abundance of expensive textiles. Beautiful massive furniture made of natural wood, decorated with carvings or gilding, richly decorated walls and ceiling are in trend.


Hope our article helped to choose your style for bedroom 2019. Make your bedroom according to the latest trends.

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