Bedroom decorating ideas: trends and solutions for bedroom design


The bedroom is perhaps the first room, which requires special attention. After all, here we spend most of the rest. Here we can quietly dream and think about something, relax after reading our favorite book. Of course, fashion and trends are not the reason to change the design drastically, but it is possible to add something new. Let’s look at the details of bedroom decorating ideas.

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The combination of modern minimalism with natural textures and wood, light pastel tones with noble deep shades, unobtrusive and at the same time functional furniture with hidden storage systems are new trends of bedroom decorating ideas.

bedroom decorating ideas , wooden design of bedroom 2018

The sculptural wall gives a special charm to the design on the background of a general simplicity and a calm color palette.

Hidden panels, cabinets, and shelves are the best option for a small room. Creative wall-mounting lamps in high-tech style harmoniously complement the exquisite restraint of the interior.

bedroom decorating ideas , sculptural wall design of bedroom 2018

The organization of this bedroom is simply impeccable! The bed on the podium is a functional idea for both a spacious and a compact bedroom. In a small room, it even saves space considerably. And built-in podium boxes serve not only as a convenient storage option but also perform the aesthetic role of the steps.

bedroom decorating ideas , bed on the podium design 2018

Modern residents increasingly resort to natural decor, man-made accessories, unique in their kind of objects and old ornaments.

bedroom decorating ideas , bedroom design with handmade accessories, design with old ornaments

New decor trends for the bedroom are an exotic fusion. Unusual exposure on the wall can be transformed at any time and acquire absolutely any format. It can be a chic shawl or a luxurious evening dress.

bedroom decorating ideas, bedroom design with exotic fusion

Bedroom decorating ideas: stylish solutions

Modern solutions in the luxurious style of the shabby-chic are in bedroom decorating ideas 2018 list. That is a deep unobtrusive blue shade of the walls combined with natural beige, elegant forms of furniture, natural textures and natural artistic decor motifs.

bedroom decorating ideas, shabby-chic design of bedroom 2018

Unusual decisions and bold ideas always cause delight and attract the views of others. But even such an eccentric decor as a tile with an interesting mix of the ornament at the head of the bed can very delicately complement the calm atmosphere and pastel palette. Here you will find ideas for home decor 2018.

bedroom decorating ideas , fashionable tile design at the head of the bed

Eco-design of the interior does not cause any doubts. Natural objects and natural colors are concentrated here as much as possible. And the head of the bed, like a decor from nature itself, is skillfully decorated with wooden shields.

bedroom decorating ideas , stylish bedroom eco-design 2018

Brickwork in the modern bedroom will also be relevant. If the brutal brick in the interior for you is too, then under a layer of water-based white paint, it will look more subtle. This is an excellent base, pushing for further experiments in the appropriate style.

Bedroom decorating ideas: modish hues

The clear favorite shades are a muted and pastel shades. But this is not at all banal light beige, dairy or olive tones, but most complex, deep, expressive, warm colors and their combinations. In the trend, there will be a dusty green, gray in all its manifestations, a colorful palette of blue, calm pink, as well as all kinds of warm tones of natural wood.

A magnificent combination of a noble blue, gray, and turquoise palette with an interesting game of shades is a business card of bedroom decorating ideas 2018! Find more about bedrooms in our article about bedroom design 2018.

bedroom decorating ideas , bedroom design with pastel shades

Pleasant warm shades of light wood ocher organically look in many combinations. And of course, the abundance of the white background at all times remains topical. After all, white, like no other, allows you to create and complement the interior with interesting details, textures, colors.

Now green reminds us of nature, but this green is not intrusive, as frankly forest or rich grassy hues. This color is soft and pleasant, absolutely not striking.

bedroom decorating ideas , bedroom design with green hues

The highlight of this design is the accent on the wall at the headboard with vertical slats. The organic combination of green and gray is a sign of excellent taste and style.


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