Bedroom decorating ideas 2019: stylish tips and tricks for bedroom design

Bedroom is a place where man rests on a fireplace, relaxes. Therefore, design of this particular room should be approached with all responsibility. Let’s find out bedroom decorating ideas 2019 trends.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, stylish tips and tricks for bedroom design

Bedroom decorating ideas 2019 bring everyone a choice of minimalist ideas and high-end functionality.

stages of repair to determine the choice of color palette. Solution depends on dimensions of room, location of which is relatively light.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, trendy colors in bedroom design

For example, if windows face south or southeast, then room itself will be very light. In such a situation it will be possible to use cold shades for decoration. At windows to the north designers recommend paying attention to the warm colors of finishing materials.

When decorating a bedroom, don’t use many colors and shades at once. It is quite enough 3 colors and 5 shades. And light combinations should be in the majority. They remain in trend for several seasons in a row. It is worth noting that white, beige, neutral gray is perfectly combined with all colors.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, color choice for bedroom interior design

If there is a desire to add brightness to the room, then carpet can come to the rescue. Do not be afraid to make it contrast with respect to the walls.

Bedroom decorating ideas 2019: stylish tips

Brick or stone masonry in all its manifestations is in bedroom decorating ideas 2019. If it seems that a pronounced stone surface is too bold, then the stone, covered with white water-based paint, looks gently and romantically. Especially if you choose appropriate decor. The natural stone will suit with a fireplace. And it does not matter whether it is real or imitated.

Combination of finishing materials of different textures is the main trend of the season. According to experts, you can combine absolutely everything. The main thing is to think over every element of interior design of bedroom. With a classic white ceiling, neutral wallpaper and classic parquet, it is possible to single out one wall, add to it design accents.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, finishing materials in bedroom design

Such a wall in most cases is the one that is at the head of the bed. Dilute dull finish can wallpaper, wall plates made of wood, textiles, ceramics, glass. You can use textured plaster or liquid wallpaper.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, wall design in bedroom decorating ideas 2019

Wallpaper with metal embossed ornament will be actual in 2019. Basis of them can be based on any textiles. This choice will bring chic into any interior.

Bedroom decorating ideas 2019: stylish rules

Designers identify several rules in bedroom decorating ideas 2019 that will help achieve this goal:

  • Natural materials and textures: wood, textiles, leather
  • Natural shades
  • Multifunctional pieces of furniture
  • Minimum amount of furniture and decor in the room
  • Beautiful and quality bed linen
  • Use of plain semitransparent curtains.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, tips for bedroom decorating ideas 2019

Here you can also use a dressing table, which, if necessary, will turn into a convenient workplace. If there is a need to place books in a room, then open shelves should be selected, they will leave more light and air. So, it’s better to forget about cumbersome cabinets from the very beginning of designing. A great idea is location of bookshelves or cabinets around window opening.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, furniture trends in bedroom decorating ideas 2019

Curtains in bedroom play a significant role. Modern design recommends choosing curtains from dense high-quality textiles or semi-transparent air curtains. But to combine these two types is not recommended. It is still relevant to use Roman curtains and roller shutters.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, curtains in bedroom decorating ideas 2019

In design of absolutely any space, lighting devices play an important role. Don’t choose only central chandelier. You can use floor lamps, sconces, small lamps on bedside tables, built-in LED lighting, additional lighting cabinet, dressing table, work area.

bedroom decorating ideas 2019, lighting ideas in bedroom interior design

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