Shabby chic bathroom decor: top features of style and best design ideas


If you don’t like glamorous brilliance and fanciful luxury, but you want to live surrounded by exquisite things, soft, delicate shades and vintage decor, feel free to choose style of shabby chic. This direction, born in 1980, thanks to inspiration of British artist Rachel Ashwell, is a cross between Provence, boho, retro and Victorian classics. Shabby chic is perfect for design of bathroom in country house. Let’s see what shabby chic bathroom decor ideas are suggested by designers.

shabby chic bathroom decor, shabby chic design ideas and tips


Shabby chic bathroom decor: main features of style

Main features of shabby chic bathroom decor are prevalence of complex pastel shades: coffee with milk, dusty roses, ivory, silver-gray, bleached mint. Also abundance of textiles, decorated with ruffles, laces, beaded embroidery. Frequent use of floral motifs, mostly roses, on light background is also in trend.

shabby chic bathroom decor, main features and best design ideas

Also, main features of style are vintage decor or its imitation, maturation of furnishings by method of brushing, glazing and active application of decals. Shabby chic is of two kinds. In first case, interior is trying to fill with really ancient things that were inherited or bought at the flea market. This option is ideal for small cottage or villa. There is also more elegant design with exquisite sanitary ware and accessories, carefully restored, or new antique. If you prefer this kind of shabby chic, choose it for your house or apartment.

shabby chic bathroom decor, vintage style in shabby chic style

What does bathroom look like in style of shabby chic

In order to finish bathroom, several materials are used, contrasting in texture, but close in color. Instead of traditional furniture, old suitcases, wicker baskets, attic stairs and other, no less original pieces of furniture, are used. Bathroom should be comfortable, so take care of seats: chairs, ottomans or even rocking chair.

shabby chic bathroom decor, accessories for shabby chic design

Shabby chic bathroom decor: decoration materials

Walls are pasted with graphic or floral pattern wallpaper, lined with wooden panels, painted in light colors or plastered. An elegant touch in shabby chic bathroom decor: stucco molding under ceiling, inherited from Victorian style. You can apply tile «metro» or any other with glossy finish. Floors are also finished with tiles or wooden board with light colors.

shabby chic bathroom decor, floral motifs in shabby chic style

Sanitary engineering

Shabby chic style is luxurious baths on lion’s legs with elegant bronze mixers and showers in retro style. Acrylic models of modern design will not work for you, you will also have to give up hydro boxes, with their neon lights and exhibited technical perfection. But absolutely without shower cabin you won’t remain, main thing is to make it as inconspicuous as possible, for example, built-in or hidden behind curtain. And no glass washbasins! Only time-tested white faience, as well as exceptionally classic, strict forms are in trend.

shabby chic bathroom decor, lions legs in shabby chic design

Shabby chic bathroom decor: accessories and furniture

Among the most important shabby chic bathroom decor ideas are:

  • Textiles: it should be very much. It is desirable to use natural silk fabrics, but, since it is bath, window curtains and polyester shower are much more suitable.
  • Glass containers for storage are in bathroom trends 2018
  • Baskets for towels and toilet paper from wire
  • Wicker laundry baskets are also in 2018 bathroom trends
  • Suitcases instead of storage sections
  • Decor items: statuettes, pendants, bird cages, candlesticks and so on.

shabby chic bathroom decor, stylish accessories in shabby chic design

And, of course, main decoration of the bathroom is fresh flowers. Be sure to make beautiful bouquet of roses, peonies or tulips and put it in a conspicuous place.

shabby chic bathroom decor, flowers in shabby chic design

Furniture for shabby chic

Antique cupboard, after easy restoration, will become an excellent place for storage of bath towels and household chemicals. Give up modern bathroom furniture, and if you really want a new thing, choose model in style of Provence or retro, with artificially aged facades.

shabby chic bathroom decor, furniture in shabby chic style

Add to bathroom designs 2018 at least two or three really vintage things: screen, banquet or dressing table to create desired atmosphere.


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