Ocean themed bathroom: trendy mandatory elements of ocean bathroom


Among large number of different styles of design, many interior designers for decorating small rooms use non-standard solutions in form of imitation of lush nature or seacoast. Ocean style bathroom is ideal for small areas, where lack of space is compensated by creation of interesting landscapes. You can verify this by looking at photos below. Let’s speak about ocean themed bathroom ideas.

ocean themed bathroom, trendy mandatory elements for ocean bathroom

Ocean themed bathroom: choose your style

Qualitatively ocean themed bathroom style must contain blue and white shades, as well as small souvenirs that emphasize subject. So being present in such thematically decorated room, every person has appearance of sea, sand or seashells, subconsciously formed sense of summer vacation, memories of recent vacation pop up and mood of itself naturally rises.

ocean themed bathroom, stylish ideas for ocean bathroom

Required elements of ocean style

In fact, ocean design of bathroom is formed on basis of classical interior, but to obtain characteristic highlight are used such mandatory elements as:

  • seashells of different shapes and sizes;
  • presence of the simplest curtains on windows;

ocean themed bathroom, seashells in ocean bathroom, curtains in ocean bathroom

  • vinyl stickers with images of marine flora and fauna;
  • sea-style bath provides for one or more beach accessories in interior;

ocean themed bathroom, vinyl stickers for ocean bathroom, sea style bath

  • obligatory presence of living plants in form of palm or other similar species;
  • souvenir figurines;
  • elements of natural wood.

ocean themed bathroom, plants in ocean themed bathroom

Depending on particular composition and availability of free space, ocean bathroom can be supplemented with natural stone or even large aquarium with tropical fish and lights.

Ocean themed bathroom: finishing materials and used colors

The most suitable materials for ocean themed bathroom are:

  • ceramic tile;
  • mosaic tiles;
  • natural wood;

ocean themed bathroom, mosaic tiles, acrylic paints

  • natural stone;
  • acrylic and water-based paints;
  • textured plaster.

Using ocean style in interior of the bathroom, use ceramic tiles both to cover entire room and for individual areas that are most exposed to moisture. Textured plaster is ideal for creating relief surface, which helps to fully appreciate semantic load of style. When covering floors, marine design of bathroom provides for partial use of carpet or laminate, just as you can lay small mat with high and soft pile.

ocean themed bathroom, accessories in ocean themed bathroom

Ceilings are most often multi-tiered structure made from water-resistant plasterboard, which has built-in lighting elements and smooth transitions between tiers in form of sea wave. Designers prefer to use stretch ceilings because these products allow you to use beautiful drawings in form of cloudy sky.

Used colors

As for color design, it’s possible to use services of professional artist who will decorate bathroom design in marine style with help of hand painting using special acrylic paints, but this option is quite expensive. Basically, trendy colors and shades are such combinations as:

  • bright blue hues;
  • turquoise;
  • all shades of yellow;
  • cream;
  • sandy gray;
  • white with additions of above-mentioned colors.

ocean themed bathroom, trendy colors in ocean themed bathroom

Ocean themed bathroom: stylish tips and tricks

Light and lighting devices

Since ocean themed bathroom in its subject should transmit summer and festive mood, therefore, lighting should be bright and have at least several sources. In classical version, use only open flow luminaires with diffused light and wall sconces. In order to support maritime style in bathroom, many use hidden illumination or built-in lighting elements.

ocean themed bathroom, lighting ideas in ocean themed bathroom

Accessories and furniture

Ocean theme in bathroom can’t do without such elements as real seashells, sea pebbles or statuette from some exotic country, famous for its resorts.

Often you can find such thematic items as porthole, wooden steering wheel, life ring or even small copy of ship’s anchor. As cup for toothbrushes, you can use seahorse statuette, and usual shell to use as soap dish, which once again emphasizes maritime style of bathroom. Often there is unique design of walls in form of wooden shelves with representatives of marine fauna and dried corals. Such bath items as bathrobes and towels don’t hide in separate locker, but rather put in prominent place because bathroom in marine theme it allows. Elegant addition to fullness of sensations will be aquarium with real tropical fish or its realistic imitation.

ocean themed bathroom, towels, bathtub in ocean themed bathroom

Use of shower cabins isn’t welcome, but on the contrary, give preference to large bath bowls with hydromassage elements.

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