Nautical bathroom decor: give uniqueness to bathroom with nautical theme

Recently, one of trends in interior design is nautical style. Why do many prefer sea style when arranging bathroom? Decidedly, light hue combinations will make interior unobtrusive, cozy, allowing you to experience atmosphere of marine recreation. Accessories and furniture, reflecting relevant themes, will give ease and uniqueness to design. Let’s find out nautical bathroom decor ideas.

nautical bathroom decor, give uniqueness to bathroom with nautical theme

Nautical bathroom decor: stylish ideas

The big role in nautical bathroom decor has furniture. Natural tinges that generate associations with azure or sandy beach will be especially advantageous in interior of bathroom.

As natural accessory, use pebbles and other stones to create sense of seashore.

nautical bathroom decor, wood furniture in nautical bathroom decor

Furniture made of wood will also become integral element of marine design.

If room has windows, take care of their design. For these purposes, suitable light curtains for bathroom, as well as blinds. Shutters on windows would look great, it’d help in creating effect of suburban conditions.

nautical bathroom decor, window curtains in nautical style

As already mentioned, key combination of hues is white and blue. It’s this classic palette that fully reflects marine character of room.

Nautical bathroom decor: trendy colors and decors

nautical bathroom decor, white and blue nautical bathroom

Shades of green and blue are the best helpers in creating decent effect. The most tuneful combination is white and blue, such coloring is supplemented with flamboyant accents. Three colors are enough to make bathroom look interesting, and both classic pieces of furniture and modern-style furnishings will be appropriate with such decoration.

Main thing is to skillfully recreate spirit of coast. Organic addition will be silver accessories, striped curtains or sand carpet. Soft flower transitions look particularly elegant in marine environment because number of similar tones allows you to avoid sharp boundaries.

nautical bathroom decor, stylish nautical bathroom rugs

Options of nautical bathroom decor are countless. Main theme, sure, is water element, which means that walls will have to be painted with marine details, as well as accessories that reverberate this symbolism – ships, sea animals, algae and so on.

nautical bathroom decor, accessories for nautical bathroom, nautical towels

Stylish chips will be retro style cranes, natural board as floor covering, bathroom on pedestal. Striped towels and soapbox with fish also fit perfectly.

Nautical bathroom decor: modish tips and tricks

When choosing rug for nautical bathroom decor, proceed from need to add blue items decorated with water creature images. Sapid wall accessories will be anchors, lifebuoys or helmets. Even glasses for toothbrushes can be in form of starfish or other animals.

nautical bathroom decor, nautical bathroom mirrors

Popular detail is glass blocks, also containing elements of marine themes. Gypsum shells, corals are other entertaining design ideas. Mirror can generally look like ship’s porthole, decorated with shells and pebbles.

Stretch ceiling, decorated with clouds can be considered as option for decoration. walls can be mosaic or tiled.

nautical bathroom decor, wall design in nautical bathroom design

If tile is blue, choose white furniture, another light, sand tint will also look good. Textured walls are interesting solution that facilitates realization of fantasy. Acceptable will be color combination, such as brown walls and plumbing blue hues.

nautical bathroom decor, tiles in nautical bathroom decor

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