Beach themed bathroom: get inspired by ideas for beach bathroom design


Designers, afflated by colors of marine ambience, have matured distinct manner of decoration for premises. Notably well suited is beach style for bathrooms. Let’s consider beach themed bathroom ideas.

beach themed bathroom, top trends and ideas for beach bathroom

Beach themed bathroom: character traits

Basis of beach design is color scheme, furniture, peculiar decorations, and accessories.

Walls in such bathroom can be:

  • tiled
  • stained in light tinges
  • are covered with peculiar washable wallpaper
  • mosaic elements and marine motifs

beach themed bathroom, wall design in beach themed bathroom

Furniture should be in old wood style, wicker furniture, wood cabinets, stained in light or blue hues. In beach themed bathroom will look marvelous dower chest and wicker basket.

beach themed bathroom, furniture in beach themed bathroom

For floors appropriate dyed wooden boards and tiles in colors of marine pallet.

Windows with roll, tinted, tabby curtains will look incredible. For window racks, natural wood and painted jalousie are irreproachable.

beach themed bathroom, curtains in beach themed bathroom

In beach bathroom well looks aqueduct in historical style, bathtubs and sinks in idle modern style, chrome, copper faucets.

Lighting with thematic lamps, for instance in form of fishing lanterns, or sconce will look astonishing. Likewise, varied backlights of blue and yellow tints are corresponding.

beach themed bathroom, lighting ideas in beach themed bathroom

In general, design should repel feeling of breeziness, serenity, conciliation, and romance.

Beach themed bathroom: color combinations

Main idea of color scheme is that combinations of colors in beach themed bathroom that reflect colors of sea and littoral. Turquoise, all hues of blue and sea waves, sand and light cream tinges, will color bathroom with hues of sea.

beach themed bathroom, colors in beach themed bathroom

Plumbing white is very well joint with walls of blue tinges. Classic, marvelous combination of white and blue is permanently good option. Designers also counsel using white as background, according to individual savor, then give other tinges to it.

beach themed bathroom, white and blue beach bathroom

If you like beach flamboyant joyous days, then you can stain wooden bathroom elements in yellow, sandy tinges, for instance, lockers or choose paysage in these tints. For those who like flamboyant, replete florets, use a little orange, for example, on curtain with illustration of fish.

beach themed bathroom, stylish ideas for beach themed bathroom

Wall decoration

Very marvelous resolve for bathroom design, can be ceramic tiles. Choose tiles in divers colors: blue, murky blue and white. It will remain to append a bit of sand and light colors, which can be fetched with help of accessories.

beach themed bathroom, wall decor in beach themed bathroom

Walls can be stained in light or blue tones. Paint one wall in white, and the other in blue. Part of bath can be merely stained in light color, and some can be finished, with blue tiles or mosaic.

Beach themed bathroom: floor and ceiling design

Nonpareil option for floor design is tile. To reiterate colors of seashore, it can be sandy tints. You can simply paint floor in sea wave colors, and pick up rug with fish, pebbles or shells image. If feasible, you can make floor of wooden boards and paint them with faithfully color.

beach themed bathroom, floor and ceiling design in beach themed bathroom

To finish ceiling, there are many resolutions. You can use stretch ceiling, plaster, and plasterboard. The cheapest option for finishing ceiling, pasting it with especial oilcloth of chosen color. Also, it can be laid out with ceiling tile. But these options can’t be very sensuous.


For beach style, plain, high-quality wood furniture is splendid, best light and with elements of scuff. For sea bathroom suitable furniture in retro style and options such as chest or lingering painted box.

beach themed bathroom, accessories in beach themed bathroom

Decor in beach themed bathroom opens up tremendous spaces for phantasy. If bathroom has windows, then you need to consider their design. The best are wooden frames, curtains with sea images, striped curtains, and curtains, for example, white and blue. Mirrors can be decorated with divers elements in form of pebbles and shells. Excellent mirror-portholes fit. Shelves can be wooden, painted, in sand or blue shades.

Beach themed bathroom: ideas and advice of professionals

For those who have small children, significant addition may be painting walls with image of gay and glorious marine animals.

Accessories in Beach themed bathroom

There are many different accessories for beach themed bathroom. Each glass, soap dish, stand, basket, lamp, towels, napkins and even toothbrushes, all this can be with illustration of sea themes.

It’s important that all items be selected according to color circuit so that they could supplement and beautify base design.

beach themed bathroom, stylish rugs for beach themed bathroom

Rug, very momentous thing in bathroom. Thus rugs can be with image of sea animals, ships, sandy beaches or seabed. Hooks, hangers, and appliances for drying, can also signify sea theme. For example, hooks, in form of starfish, fish, shells or pebbles.

If bathroom is massive, then it can be decorated with various trifles: limpid bottles with sand and twisted note, ships with sails, aquariums with sea plants, starfish. Thus nearly everyone who has been to sea has his own faerie collection of seashells, pebbles, and resembling items that can detect their places in bathroom and cater for as excellent accessory with memories to endorse marine sensations.

Beach themed bathroom: stylish tips and tricks

Professional designers advise to attentively select colors and regulate saturation of decor and number of accessories. So a few interesting ideas from professionals will help you retrieve extraordinary solutions.

If there is a window in bathroom, you can use special images with seascapes, which you can place between frame and glass, and tool up with illumination.

Correct lighting will supplement and upgrade overall style. Thus romantic sensations induce highlights, lamps, and sconces.

beach themed bathroom, trendy ideas for beach themed bathroom

Glass sinks and bathtubs correspond very well with marine theme.

So glass will permit you to reflect color spectrum of your bathroom, relish simplicity and natural transparency of water, which is very beneficial for psyche.

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