Bathroom trends 2019: fashion trends and solutions for bathroom design

The bathroom interior in the apartment should not only be convenient and practical but also pleasing to the eye. What are the bathroom trends 2019 awaiting us in the bathroom’s design?


In case of space allows you, you can add a bidet, a second washbasin. Also, you can add a shower cabin or a booth to the standard plumbing fixture or even install a full hydro box instead.

In the bathroom trends 2019 design, we should take into account the following trends, such as the maximum of natural illumination.  The use of plumbing of original design, capable of becoming an accent or a highlight in the interest of the bathroom. Maximum free space and mirrors, visually increasing it.


The simplest forms of lockers and shelves for storage of accessories shouldn’t clutter the space in the bathroom. Minimal decor only from practical household items used in the bathroom for its intended purpose.

When choosing the finishing materials for the bathroom you need to focus on modern requirements for the color scheme. Pay attention to the use of natural materials and their textures. The color scheme should be calm and restrained. Preference is given to light colors: white, black-white-gray, beige, various shades of green and other natural colors.


The white bathroom is always topical and the most democratic in price. It’s also in bathroom trends 2019. However, the white color should be diluted with natural shades and materials. If not in the materials of finishing, then at least in decor. Let it be bright mats or hanging towels of the color of young grass.

Wall colors

The walls can be decorated with any materials, up to the plastic panels, it is important only that they are combined with the “neighbors” or imitate the corresponding texture. But of course, natural materials are beyond competition. Even wood, which would seem, doesn’t belong in the bathroom design.


If the use of expensive natural materials beyond the bounds of the possible, a relief or figure tile will always come to the aid, simulating, say, the same wood or stone.


The floor tile in the bathroom should be rough and slightly darker than the one used for wall finishing. Although this is true only for walls finished in monochrome or having small colored patches. In other respects, the requirements are the same as for wall decoration materials: imitation of natural textures and materials. A special glamour of the new season is the floor tiles imitating sea pebbles usage.


The suspended ceiling will allow you to acquire ideal artificial lighting. And stretch ceiling with a glossy coating visually increases the space above your head.

Minimalism, brevity, simple lines, perhaps even some angularity are the basic requirements for plumbing in the bathroom trends 2019 design. Well, the color different from the traditional white snow is also trendy.


A fairly popular solution for the washstand is a sink in the form of an oval or round bowl, mounted on a darker worktop. Popular and simple rectangular shell shapes, with double plums and taps.

Pay particular attention to the bathtub. It doesn’t matter whether it will be a retro style model, on quaint legs or an ultra-modern boat with boards under the “yacht board”.


We recommend mixing trend styles in the modern interior of the bathroom, such as Scandinavian and loft, minimalism, industrial, classic, eclectic.


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