Bathroom renovations 2019: Best trends and ideas for bathroom renovation

Bathroom is not just a room for hygienic procedures, but a place in which every modern person starts his day adjusting to the working mood and enters there in evening to relieve tension and relax. In addition, bathroom and toilet are rooms where guests enter. Therefore, design of bathroom 2019 should match fashion trends. A modern bath is both a place for taking hygienic procedures, and a home beauty salon, and a laundry, located on several square meters. New fashion trends dictate rules: this room should be practical, functional, stylish and fashionable. Let’s see what bathroom renovations 2019 are in fashion.

bathroom renovations 2019, top trends and ideas for bathroom renovations 2019

Let’s discuss bathroom renovations 2019. If area allows, then in bathroom you can place a small sauna, and a jacuzzi, and a bidet, and other fashionable technical novelties offered by manufacturers. Also in this room, you need to hang out towels and bathrobes, place bottles with detergents and put a whole arsenal of cleaning products, without which no mistress can do.

An important role is played by lighting and presence of outlets. All electrical appliances must be suitable for use in a humid environment, and outlet has a moisture-proof cover.

bathroom renovations 2019, stylish jacuzzi, trendy sauna in bathroom renovations 2019

Furniture in a bathroom should not be bulky and heavy. Only simple laconic forms. In priority, open shelves and racks that don’t complicate space. Light is an important component. Main source of lighting is a chandelier, sconces or spotlights. Near the mirror should be additional lighting equipment. Excessive decor is not relevant. Only beautiful practical things that can not only decorate interior, but also carry a functional load.

bathroom renovations 2019, lighting ideas in bathroom renovations 2019


Natural stone or granite, of course, look solid and stylish, but in a city apartment, they are inappropriate. But manufacturers produce tiles with imitation of marble, wood, mat, concrete, bricks and other materials. Another trend of season is a relief and curly tile. Also, mosaic is not inferior to its positions.

bathroom renovations 2019, wall design in bathroom renovations 2019

Bathroom renovations 2019: modish tips

It is not necessary to make out all surfaces with one chosen option in bathroom renovations 2019. Monotony is not true. Combination of colors and textures are stylistic features of fashion design. It is recommended to use wood. It is welcomed in decoration of walls and floors.


In bathroom floor can be finished with ceramic granite. It has a large margin of safety. This coating does not slip and is available in a wide range of color solutions.

bathroom renovations 2019, floor design in bathroom renovations 2019

Designers advise color of floor to choose a little darker than color of walls, and walls are darker than ceiling. So visually room will seem taller and bigger. For sale, there is a floor tile with effect of stone, wood and other materials.

Water floor also remains relevant in this season. Thanks to technology of pouring, it can imitate absolutely any surface: wood, sandy beach, seabed, marble surface and any other coating according to customer’s request. The color palette of such a coating is not limited. Also in trend floor with a 3D effect.


Multi-level complex ceilings are not in fashion now, smooth, even surface prevails. It can be a moisture-resistant gypsum board or stretch ceiling. The latter option is preferable because it is not afraid of moisture and is not afraid of flooding negligent neighbors from above.

bathroom renovations 2019, ceiling design in bathroom renovations 2019

Bathroom renovations 2019: décor elements

Let’s see what décor elements are in bathroom renovations 2019 trend.

Cabinets and shelves

No matter how small area of bathroom, it should provide a place for storing cleaning products, as well as towels. Still in fashion drawers under the sink and hanging lockers with mirrors. But more and more popular are open shelves and racks. For furniture, there are simple lines and natural materials.

bathroom renovations 2019, fashionable bathroom cabinets

In trend are broached wood with a pronounced texture. No heavy furniture with an elaborate finish.

Decorative elements

In decoration of bathroom in the new season, there is no place for unnecessary decorative elements, which do not carry a functional load. Decoration of room is laundry baskets, containers or holders for toothbrushes, hooks for towels and dressing gowns, mirrors and lamps. It is possible to place potted plants that are able to withstand high humidity and poor lighting. The main principle of bath design is nothing superfluous! Maximum functionality and comfort.

bathroom renovations 2019, accessories in bathroom renovations 2019

bathroom renovations 2019, stylish accessories in bathroom renovations 2019

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