Bathroom remodel ideas 2019: top trends and tips for bathroom remodel

Bathroom is one of important rooms of the dwelling. So if you have already designed your bathroom, e suggest to find out stylish bathroom remodel ideas 2019 and learn something useful for ourselves.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, top trends and tips for bathroom remodel

Room in one color and material trend was popular in the 80s of the last century and now returns again, thus acquiring a modern sound in bathroom remodel ideas 2019.

Trendy finishing materials:

  • ceramic tile
  • mosaic
  • wood
  • decorative concrete

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, bathroom in one color design

Decoration of ceiling with tiles is perfect for small bathrooms. In spacious rooms, it’s better to limit area above the shower.

Bathroom and bedroom duet

Decision to combine bathroom and sleeping room came to us from loft. Not everyone will decide to leave bathroom without walls. But if there are enough flat space and courage, why not try it?

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, bathroom and bedroom duet

It is desirable to divide zones of sleep and bathing using podium or different finish of the floor and walls. A good option: a sliding partition, allowing as necessary to isolate the font, or a shower.

Bathroom remodel ideas 2019: stylish ideas

Suspended countertops under the sink

It is impossible to call this piece of furniture a novelty of season, just in bathroom remodel ideas 2019 it will be used especially actively.

Worktops with a curbstone give washstand a neat look, masking piping of communications and creating places for storage of bath accessories or household chemicals.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, countertop under the sink

Hanging countertops will look perfect in modern styles: modern, minimalism or office furniture. So, today, thanks to different decor options, they perfectly fit into bathrooms of rustic, Scandinavian and even neoclassical directions.

Compact and elegant, hinged table tops will become highlight of any bathroom.

Free-standing bath

Such luxury can only afford owners of bathrooms from 8 square meters and more.

Bath can be made from any material: from acrylic to exotic woods or marble. Thus, shape of font depends on style of interior, but try to choose round or oval varieties. They are ergonomic, less traumatic.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, fashionable free-standing bath

Stand-alone models are more expensive. Thus, they require more attention when installing and connecting communications.

Make a font center of room, highlighting area around it with podium, drop of multi-level ceiling, screen, canopy or another decorative element. Also, another option is installation in a specially equipped niche.

Bathroom remodel ideas 2019: trendy designs

Bathroom accessories and black plumbing in bathroom remodel ideas 2019

Bronze, chrome and gold-plated mixers, shower heads or any kind of holders are no longer in vogue. So, they were replaced by accessories and plumbing in black, which look no less impressive.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, black plumbing and accessories

Graphics of black details will revive white bathroom, add modern sound to classics and bring a nostalgic retro note to interior of Art Nouveau style.

Built-in showers

Built-in showers are ideal for small rooms. Also, they can fill a niche or corner of complex configuration, thereby freeing up space furniture or washing machine.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, stylish built-in showers

Concrete in the interior

Decorative concrete designers use for finishing walls, as well as for manufacturing sanitary fixtures or furniture. So, sink and shelves for it, bathtub and storage niches made of this material, will perfectly fit into interior of loft or rustic bathroom.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, concrete use in bathroom design 2019


If concrete seems too brutal, to our service is the most exquisite finishing material: marble. Also, lay it with large slabs, covering entire wall, from floor to ceiling.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, marble use in bathroom design 2019

Terrazzo slabs

Finishing material, which is a cement base with impregnations of decorative colored chips, is a leading finishing material for bathroom.

bathroom remodel ideas 2019, terrazzo slabs in bathroom design 2019

It seems that its original appearance came to the taste of consumers, popularity of material in this season has grown significantly.

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